A personal flotation device — or PFD — can save your life only if you’re wearing it. While it’s legal for adults to be in a boat without wearing a PFD, that doesn’t mean it’s smart.

Fact: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a good swimmer if you’re knocked unconscious during a fall from a boat. The good news is you won’t even realize you’re wearing the Cabela’s Essential 2500 Auto PFD. It is unmatched for comfort and freedom of movement.

This lightweight PFD has a slim fit, so it won’t get in your way paddling or casting. It has a 60 percent higher than the minimum buoyancy rating for Type III foam vests; it inflates to 26-lb. buoyancy, which means it provides enough flotation for persons weighing up to 275 pounds.

This PFD meets U.S. Coast Guard specifications.

Additional Features

  • Upgraded with flex points for freedom of movement
  • USCG-approved Type-V PFD with Type-III performance
  • Colors:black with red accents (shown); black with pink accents

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