Joe Robison retrieves geese from a chisel-plowed field.

Hunting Michigan Late Regular Season Geese

Joe Robison had been scouting a cut corn field for a while, watching hundreds of geese pour into it in late morning. We made a plan to be there before dawn on Friday. On Thursday, the farmer chisel-plowed the field. It didn’t change our plan; it just made everything a little bit tougher. “It’s harder […]

  • Winter in Michigan means it's rabbit hunting time.

    Winter is Rabbit Hunting Time in Michigan

    Each season holds a special place in the hearts of Michigan sportsmen. Spring gets the turkey hunters wound up. Summer is the right time to kick back and fish. Fall gets the deer and waterfowl hunters out of bed in the morning. When the snow starts piling up, it’s time to chase rabbits, and Michigan […]

  • Mi-HUNT Helps Sportsmen Find Places to Hunt in Michigan

    Michigan’s 16-day firearms hunting season, which drew to a close November 30, may be in the rear-view mirror right now, but there’s still a lot of deer hunting opportunity ahead. Besides muzzleloader season, which attracts about 100,000 sportsmen and women, archery season continues through January 1. There’s plenty of deer season to go. Although most […]

  • It's a family affair when the Gwizdz clan goes deer hunting.

    Michigan Deer Hunting is a Family Affair

    Dan Merkel is one of the owners of an Upper Peninsula camp in the Lake Superior watershed. Even in the best years, deer are not exactly plentiful up there. And following back-to-back horrific winters, prospects for the upcoming season re not exactly shining. But that won’t stop Merkel from making the 300-mile drive to camp. […]

  • Michigan Hunters Help Feed the Hungry

    As hunters, we all know the feeling of satisfaction that comes from providing healthy game meat for you and your family. For many of us, it is one of the many reasons we hunt and part of the tradition. As a community, hunters are pretty generous, too. How often has a friend shared a few […]