Quiz: Which Images of These 15 Massive Fish Are Photoshopped?


If it looks too good to be true, it often is. Odds are that you have seen at least one fishing photo that made you wonder if it had been photoshopped—and the bigger the fish, the greater your suspicion. Gone are the days when a photo was irrefutable evidence of a hard-won battle. Now the first thing we do is scour every photo for the telltale signs of alteration. Yet you aren’t likely to spot missing shadows or extra limbs in a photo doctored by an expert.

However, photoshopping fish is more difficult than you might imagine. Small alterations may go unnoticed, but you will never make a tarpon out of a guppy. Simply put, altering a fish’s size and still making it appear realistic is hard.

Can you figure out which of the pictures below are real and which are fake? Most of the photoshopped pictures are by amateurs, but at least two are by professionals. The quiz will indicate if you are right or wrong after every question.

Good luck!

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