Quiz: How Superstitious of an Angler are You?


Are you a superstitious person? Do you run away from black cats, push redheads off your boat, and kiss the first fish you catch? If so, odds are that you have some kind of superstition, even if you may not have all of them. Some of these age-old superstitions can be traced back to odd and bizarre origins. Others are actually quite reasonable. For example, did you know that anglers have long thought bananas to be bad luck because ships carrying the fruit have a reputation of sinking, succumbing to disease, or even mutiny? This is because when ships sink, the bananas will float to the surface. Bananas crates are also prone to carrying disease-carrying rats and insects. The mere presence of bananas on a sailing vessel can be cause for bad morale.

So the next time your buddy asks if you brought any bananas on board after a fruitless day of fishing, now you know why.

What else are you superstitious about? Take our quiz below and find out just how superstitious you are. There are no right or wrong answers in this quiz (even though it may say differently) so be honest!

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