Identifying firearm malfunctions is easy enough after the fact, but can you correctly call these as they happen? Not only is it a useful skill to have, but being able to identify certain malfunctions instantly can save lives—and that’s no hyperbole. Last month we posted a video of a range officer spotting a dangerous malfunction at the very last second. In that case, the shooter had encountered a squib and had already racked another round into the chamber. Had the range officer been any slower, the gun would have fired and likely suffered a catastrophic malfunction, possibly resulting in injuries to the shooter.

You can learn more about firearm malfunctions here and check out our informative infographic on the topic here. You can also take our other gun malfunctions quiz here.

This quiz should be pretty easy if you know your malfunctions—and there’s two “easy” questions to keep your spirits up. Good luck!

Featured image is a screenshot of video by Statureman on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video Quiz: Can You Identify These 10 Gun Malfunctions?

  1. no 1 isnt actually a hang fire in the true sense , a hang fire is you engage the trigger, nothing then a few seconds later Bang ….she actually engaged the trigger 2 completely separate times …

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