Heater Body Suit – How Did I Hunt Without It?



Heater Body Suit.

Product Description:

A garment tailored after a sleeping bag design to keep you warm no matter what the conditions are in the field. This garment has no arms, has two legs, suspender straps inside to keep it from falling down when you slip out of it, and a large silent zipper down the front. It is insulated, wind proof and water-resistant. It comes in six sizes, three different camo patterns and has other accessories like a snow camo coveralls.

Thoughts and Comments:

The Heater Body Suit has been on the market for some time now. I never gave it much thought as I considered it just another hunting gimmick. Then, after repeated great accolades from some of the best hunters in the industry, I decided it was time to check it out.

Last fall my new suit arrived at the door in Ground Swat Tactical Camo, just a few days before my two-week Ohio rut hunt. After washing, drying and spraying it down with the Triple-X Silver Scent Spray which comes with the suit, per the instructions, I was ready to go.

After using the suit for two weeks straight, all I can say is “How did I ever live and hunt without the Heater Body Suit?” I hunted ten days straight for approximately eleven hours per day. The temperatures ranged from 18 to 45 degrees, and never once did I become uncomfortable or cold. Other than a hat, facemask and gloves, all I had on was a light Scent-Lok base layer, a light Scent-Lok outer layer and a safety harness.

In freezing temperatures I would walk to my stand in my light clothes, climb into my stand, climb into my suit which was easier than expected, and I was set for the day.

At first I was worried about what the deer would do if they saw me in this garment, but once again the suit proved its worth. Any deer that looked up at me and my camera man, who were both in Heater Body Suits, never paid us any mind. The large “blobs” in the tree never set off any alarms for the deer.

The windproof feature especially seemed to help with scent control. During the entire week only a couple of deer seemed to get a whiff of human scent, which as everyone knows is tough in the hill country, and they never blew or got overly alarmed. I could move around within the suit all day long and not be seen. Then, when it came to shooting my bow it was a breeze. Everyone knows how hard it gets to shoot when you have all of your winter clothes on. Not in the Heater Body Suit! The silent zipper worked flawlessly and it was easy to slip out of the suit. The suit automatically went behind me due to the suspender straps and it was just like shooting in the summer in my light weight clothes.

I spent the rest of last season in my suit while the temperatures got down below 6 degrees with a 10 degree below zero wind chill factor. This suit never disappointed me and I never felt cold, not even once. I have now built my whole hunting clothing system around my Heater Body Suit.

Finally, when it comes to cost, the Heater Body Suit probably costs half as much as a good set of bibs, vest, jacket, under garments, boot covers, rain wear, hand warmers, heavy gloves etc. Over the years there really have not been many hunting items that changed what I use in the field to hunt, but I will have to say that the Heater Body Suit will probably get my “product of the year award” as I now know that I will never hunt without one again!


  • Various sizes.
  • Various camo choices.
  • Insulated and super warm.
  • Wind Proof.
  • Water resistant.
  • Scent control.
  • Easy to shoot from.
  • Light to carry.
  • Cost effective.
  • Great guarantee – You stay warm or your money back.
  • Great service.
  • Made in America.
  • Same day shipping.


  • I could hardly think of any. I guess the only one I came up with is you have to be a little careful when standing and turning around in the treestand that you do not step on the foot portion of the suit.

Contact Info:

If you want to contact Heater Body Suit, or just want to see some more info on their garments, go to www.heaterbodysuit.com.

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