RedRam Merino Thermal Underwear


I’ll be the first to admit that when I popped open the box of RedRam thermal underwear, I seriously thought I was not going to be a happy camper–boy, was I wrong.

At first glance, I couldn’t help but think that I was holding a pair of leggings that my wife would normally be wearing. Sure, RedRam is made of merino wool, but holding the actual product in my hand made me feel like one of two things was going to happen–I was either going to rip through the clothing as I tried to fit it on my body (I’m an XXXL type of a guy, ladies and gents) or I was going to freeze to death when I tested them out.

I had initially intended on reviewing the RedRam thermal underwear when I went out ice fishing this year because, frankly, there is really no better way to test out a product that is intended to keep you warm other than sitting out on a frozen lake for hours on end wondering why the fish just don’t like you enough to want to come home with you.

But, as luck would have it, I had the opportunity to test it out in thorough fashion long before the ice was thick enough to step out on.

In addition to being a writer, a reviewing and an outdoor enthusiast, I am also a football coach for a local high school team. Since we play the game in conditions that are more suited for hockey than football at some points in the year, I was awarded the chance to test out RedRam’s ability to keep me warm on a night that had the promise of frostbite written all over it.

Instead of reaching for the layers that I have become accustomed to wearing in chilled climates, I grabbed the RedRam thermal underwear leggings and long-sleeved top. To say they were snug is no exaggeration, but unlike so many clothing items, the RedRam refused to budge once it was in place. I didn’t have to keep tugging and pulling on it in order to get it back to where I wanted it. Instead, the RedRam fit me like a glove (albeit a latex one) and didn’t give me any problems.

So as I stood on the sidelines (not the most warming of activities), directing my football team toward an eventual victory, I found myself amazed at RedRam’s thermal capabilities. I’ve owned some pretty high-end thermals in my day, and RedRam challenges them all for the ability to keep me warm, despite standing in frigid temperatures for several hours.

In fact, at times when I did get energetic, barking out play calls and defensive shifts while storming up and down the sidelines, I found myself actually feeling on the verge of overheating–that’s a testament to just how capable this product really is.

The best part about having such a great thermal is that I didn’t need the extra layers to keep myself toasty–enabling much more mobility and less bulkiness than my typical cold-weather setup.

I look forward to trying out RedRam on the ice and expect to have repeat results, especially since I’ve worn the thermals on several hunting trips and on a quick run on my snowmobile recently and didn’t have chill to my name.

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