Duluth Trading Co’s Fire Hose Briar Pants


I recently had the opportunity to field test Duluth Trading Co‘s Fire Hose Briar Pants at several venues. I wore them to a sporting clays shoot, on an upland bird hunt and during the opening of the fall dove season here in Oklahoma. The areas I hunt —both here and in Texas— are rough, and I wanted to see if Duluth’s Briar Pants were up to the challenge. When I first put them on, I was pleasantly surprised with their fit and comfort. I would suggest washing them by hand with rocks several times before wearing them because not only will the material appreciate the abuse but you too will like the way they wear. I was concerned that the pants would be rough and uncomfortable, but they were as comfortable, if not more so, than the jeans that I wear every day.

We hunted dove early in September and the weather, as it is most years, was hot and humid, but the birds were there in record numbers. The hunt was successful and most everyone shot their limits. As I said, the areas I hunt are known for their ruggedness, and as I retrieved birds from places covered in mesquite and prickly pear cactus I was able to get through them and pick up my birds with ease.

Bending down to pick up the birds was pure comfort; these pants have a hidden crotch gusset that makes it easy to bend down. Fire Hose Briar Pants really increase your range of motion and move-ability which adds a whole new dimension of comfort. The Briar Pants protected my legs better than any other pants I have to date tested, and they breathe so that I was not uncomfortable at any time during the hunt.

A good hunt many times hinges on the quality of your gear, especially when hunting the west for upland game like quail, pheasant, and grouse. If the area you hunt is harsh and inhospitable you will not find a more rugged reliable pair of pants.

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