D.T. Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher


It’s always nice to see a company that has come out with a game-changing product. D.T. Systems has helped make dog trainers’ lives a lot easier with the introduction of the Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher. This product allows trainers to remotely launch training dummies.

The Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher is lightweight and easy to carry into the field. The folding tripod legs make it compact for storage.

The heart of the Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher is the launcher part itself, which features D.T. Systems’ well known Super-Pro Dummy Launcher. The launcher uses .22 caliber blanks and features dual ports for better range. A really cool feature of the Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher is that you can remove the launcher from the stand and use it as a hand held launcher.

The unit features an adjustable launch angle from 0-75 degrees. Depending on the power of the blank load that you use and size of dummy, you can launch a D.T. Systems-style dummy out to 100 yards. The Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher also incorporates a Safe-T-Ratchet mechanism to help prevent misfires.

Being able to remotely launch a dummy can help trainers by providing countless training scenarios including steadiness drills, blind retrieves, and practice for field trials. The handheld remote allows trainers to launch a dummy from up to 1,200 yards away.

Versatility is also important when dog training. Users can program up to 16 Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launchers onto one remote and it’s also compatible with the D.T. Systems bird launchers.

The Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher also has a very loud locator beeper on it so trainers can easily find all of their units after training.

One thing I noticed when using the Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher was how loud those .22 blanks are in it. If you are going to be near it when training, make sure to wear ear protection. Also, D.T. Systems recommends only using D.T. Systems-approved .22 blanks in the launcher.

Besides launching dummies for training I was able to get my new puppy accustomed to gunfire with it. Normally when conditioning a dog to gunfire, you need an assistant to fire off a shot just before you hand throw a dummy. This associates a fun activity with a firearm’s report. With the Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher I was able to condition my puppy to the sound of a shot going off by myself. You can see this in action in this video.

One minor thing D.T. Systems recommends doing is oiling the Safe-T-Ratchet to insure smooth operation. Other than cleaning after firing some blanks, it’s a low-maintenance product.

The Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher is definitely a Must Have for any dog trainer looking to expand their training routines to fine-tune their hunting dog.

Learn more about the Launcher in our video review below.

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