Duluth Trading Company Fire Hose Work Pants


When you’ve been on a hike or working hard in the field, you’ve probably ripped a pair of pants or two. A cheap pair of blue jeans just won’t hold up for years of service. If a good pair of pants is just as important to you as a good pair of boots, you might want to check out the Fire Hose Work Pants from Duluth Trading Company.

I first learned about Duluth Trading Company from their clever ad campaigns on TV and soon after added a pair of their work pants to my closet. Several more were quickly added to my collection.

Overall the Fire Hose Pants are made out of better material than most other “work pants” and have features that hikers, hunters, and anyone that works hard outside will love.

Starting with the fabric, the Fire Hose Work Pants are made out of 11.5-ounce Fire Hose Fabric, the same type of fabric that was used on actual fire hoses. This fabric is very tough and it’s very soft and flexible. There isn’t any break-in time with these pants. The fabric is also treated to repel stains and water. You can watch me pour some water on the pants in the video review below.

The best feature of the Fire Hose Work Pants is probably the Comfortable Crouch Gusset. This helps prevent binding and pinching when crouching. If you remember the Diamond Cut work pants, this is a similar feature that I really like.

The Fire Hose Work Pants also have several pockets and loops to hold your gear. The cargo pockets also tuck into the pocket so you can easily access the pocket to grab out screws or whatever else you need to keep close by. The pants have one-inch belt loops and the one on the front has a key loop. The front pockets feature Fire Hose pocket bags that are deep and resist punctures.

The pants also have triple-stitched seams and the pockets have bar tacks and rivets to help keep the pants together.

The Fire Hose Work Pants come in a variety of colors and Duluth Trading Company Trading Company offers the pants in different variations to fit your needs.

Duluth Trading Company also has a solid guarantee with these pants. If they fray, tear, or give out you can send them back and they will send you a brand new pair of pants.

I used these pants a lot last year while hunting and trapping and they held up great for me. They fit well and cleaned up nicely after a night in the trap shed. One thing to make sure of is to not dry them on a hot setting on your dryer–I had a bit of a shrinkage issue on my first pair.

They are listed for $64.50 on the Duluth Trading Company website.

Learn more about the Fire Hose Work Pants in our video review below.

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