Bulls Bag X7 MOLLE Shooting System


The Bulls Bag X7 MOLLE shooting rest system is like the transformer of shooting rests. The name X7 comes from the seven bags that make up the product. This bag allows you to configure the rest no matter your firearm or shooting style preference. New to the X7 bag line is the X7 with MOLLE webbing in three color variations: O.D. green with camo MOLLE webbing, O.D. green with O.D. green webbing, and all black.

The X7 consists of one big bag that works as a great rest if you want a higher rest. This works well for any AR shooters or any other rifle with a box magazine or pistol grip. Once you set your rifle into the suede top bag and spread the feet of the bag out, you get a very sturdy rest. You can also pull apart the two bottom bags and place the top bag back on the rest, and this will give you a very stable low-profile rest. Both of these configurations form the “butterfly” type grip that Bulls Bag is known for in their line of rests.

If you are looking to change up your shooting platform, it’s time to start taking the bags apart. There are numerous shooting configurations that you can make to fit your shooting needs.

The two side bags can be pulled apart and when you turn them upside down, each one has a suede indentation that can be used as a rest. Inside each of the side bags is an owl ear-style bag and a rectangular bag.

With the bags apart and in different configurations, you can start changing the rest platforms. Some of the more popular configurations include a window rest, toe and heel configuration, pistol rest, and stacking the bags. You can see the different variations in action in the video below.

Besides working as a rest for any firearm, the X7 also has some features that help it stand out above other rests. When the bag is put together, it not only holds your rifle in place, it helps reduce felt recoil. The X7 does this because it has such a large grip on the forearm of your firearm and the recoil is “absorbed” into the bag.

The X7 with MOLLE webbing also has several D-rings on the bags so they can be carried out to the field individually. The bag also has a padded strap to carry it to the shooting bench.

The X7 does take some getting used to at first. If you are familiar with the traditional toe and heel shooting rest, the butterfly grip design may seem a bit awkward but is something you will get used to. Depending on your shooting set-up you may need to bring a piece of wood to prop up the front of the bag. If you are shooting on a flat range it isn’t needed but my range has some slope to it.

The X7 can be purchased filled or unfilled from Bulls Bag. If you purchase it filled, it weighs about 30 pounds. That may seem heavy, but the one-bag system and strap make it a lot easier to carry to the range then a big metal rest and bags of lead.

If you purchase the bag unfilled, Bulls Bag recommends filling the X7 with kitty litter. This makes the bag lighter than filling it with sand and still performs the same. I have noticed over time that the kitty litter breaks down a little bit so you may need to add some from time to time.

Bulls Bag also offers a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturer’s defects. If the bag seams come apart and it leaks under normal use, they will replace your bag.

If you are looking to get a new rest, the Bulls Bag X7 with MOLLE webbing should be one to check out. It is an investment, though, with an unfilled bag costing $229 plus shipping and a filled bag is $259 plus shipping.

Make sure to see the bag in action in the video review below so you can see the different rest configurations in action.

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