In Sights Nutrition Buck Nut


Baiting deer is illegal in Minnesota so when I was asked to do a review of In Sights Nutrition’s Buck Nut, I had to think of how I could use it here. I decided to use it on a new hunting property I just acquired to inventory the deer there. My thoughts were as follows: if this stuff is attractive to deer, they will find it and allow me to get game camera photos of the population.

I set up a trail camera in a high-traffic area consisting of an intersection of deer trails. I poured out a 40-pound bag of the product on the ground in a heap. I felt that this would give me a week or two of looking over the deer on the property before it was gone.

To say it worked would be an understatement. I checked the trail camera only 48 hours later and the product was almost gone. I had more than 100 photos of does and fawns, foxes, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and even a bear. Virtually every creature in the forest went nuts over this stuff. I had photos of one doe that came back to the product every four hours around-the-clock for two days! She was addicted. I did not get any photos of bucks, but I think since they have a larger home range, they simply didn’t get there in time. It has now been a week since I put the stuff out and the critters are digging holes in the ground and the area is torn to shreds where I piled the product.

Buck Nut is made primarily of peanuts, with a high fat and high sugar content. It comes in a 4-1/2-pound bucket, and is the same product that they provide to deer breeders labeled Nut N More. It is designed to cause captive deer to feed more heavily and serve as a supplement. I have no doubt that it works very well in that application, too.

We do not have hogs in this area, and what few turkeys are around weren’t in that area at the time, but I have no doubt that hogs would go bonkers over this stuff. I was really quite surprised at how much the deer went nuts over it.

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