My “regular” pack has been a 2,800-cubic-incher, which has fared very well except for one thing—it holds too much! Having poor pack discipline, I cram too much stuff in it that I might need. Add to that, the fact that I’m usually in some degree of “out of shape” and the result is that I have been looking for a smaller pack. I’d like to thank Kim and Megan at Media Direct and, of course, the folks at Easton Outfitters for getting me the Hinsch pack to review.

From their press release:

The Hinsch is a low, center-of-gravity pack that utilizes a fully adjustable shoulder harness as well as a fully adjustable, double-pull alloy/composite frame system. The mass centralization relieves stress on the upper body while providing more balance and stability when hunting mountains and rugged land. The macro/micro adjustable hip belt fits up to a 52-inch waist.

Another shot of the Hinsch. Image by Marshall MacFarlane.
Another shot of the Hinsch. Image by Marshall MacFarlane.

There are six external pockets for easy access to gear. The four internal pockets can be utilized for items that need to be protected from the elements. The hip belt pockets and quick stash pockets store smaller items that are needed often. The Hinsch has water bottle pockets that are adjustable to accommodate most water bottles.

Other unique features of the pack include a safety whistle on chest strap, double-stitched reinforced seems, and bottom accessory straps for layered clothing. The over-sized zipper pulls are designed for easy access, even with gloves on. The Hinsch has a volume of 700 cubic inches, weighs two pounds and 12 ounces, and is made of a quiet-brushed water-resistant material in Realtree X-tra with nylon khaki accents.

First and foremost, this pack is comfortable. The shoulder straps and waist belt are fully adjustable. They are nicely padded and covered in a fabric mesh that aids in the breathability department. The aluminum frame is light and perfectly shaped to make the pack ride perfectly on your lower back.

The inside of the pack has a reflective material which is easy to clean and also aids finding gear in low light. The pack is compatible with the APALS LED system, and comes with one. This long-lasting weatherproof little light is bright and can be used as a marker, or to light the inside of your pack in the dark.

A shot of the pack's interior pockets. Image by Marshall MacFarlane.
A shot of the pack’s interior pockets. Image by Marshall MacFarlane.

There are all kinds of little pockets inside the pack, and the main space is more generous than it appears. I can put quite a bit of stuff in there! Pockets on the outside are also well-thought-out. Two great pockets to hold water bottles are located on either side of the pack. These have cinch closures that work well. These are big pockets and can hold the larger water bottles. There is another big outside pocket, in which I kept a fleece cap and gloves. There are some pockets on the waist band, too—and they aren’t just “gadgety.” I have stuff in both of these pockets.

This pack is rugged. The buckles are heavy-duty, as are the zipper pulls, cinch cords, zippers, and so on. The nylon inserts look good and provide extra toughness where needed. There are some accents on the pack in bright orange, which just look cool.

So far I have used this pack on a dove hunt and a Coues hunt. On the dove hunt, it was hot out, and I was jump-shooting water holes in the desert. The pack fared well, and was a pleasure to carry in the heat. On my Coues hunt, we had a 12-mile Ranger ride into the hunting grounds, and we didn’t hike too far from the Ranger to glass. When it came time to put on a stalk, this pack was perfect for going up and down the hilly country that Coues are known to inhabit. In Arizona, water is always critical, and the pouches for water bottles are an awesome feature that I will use regardless of where I am hunting.

The Hinsch pack's webbing and frame are very breathable. Image by Marshall MacFarlane.
The Hinsch pack’s webbing and frame are very breathable. Image by Marshall MacFarlane.

This pack is truly amazing and I have definitely found my new favorite. I love it when a manufacturer puts a lot of thought into design, and then builds it sturdy. The icing on the cake is when it looks nice, too. This pack is all of those and I have little doubt it will be with me for a long time to come.

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