KEEN’s Durand Boots Make the Grade


I was recently asked to field test KEEN’s men’s Durand Mid-height waterproof boots, and I really didn’t know what to expect. I have a reputation for being hard on boots—I often travel over some pretty rugged and diverse terrain. I was comforted by the fact that these KEEN boots are assembled in their Portland, Oregon facility and have a reputation for being able to handle a lot of wear and tear.

The KEEN Durand boots are made of KEEN PU and a dual compound rubber outsole. PU resists breakdown and compression, while preserving its shock-absorbing qualities no matter how many miles you put on them. I was shocked at how lightweight and durable these boots are.  I spent several days in some of the most rugged terrain imaginable walking through creek beds and extremely rugged marsh and rock-strewn terrain, and through it all my feet were comfortable. Most importantly, however, they stayed dry.

These feature KEEN.DRY, which is a waterproof, breathable inner liner. On a recent teal hunt, during which I was in and out of the water picking up birds in warm temperatures and wet conditions, my feet didn’t get damp or uncomfortable.

I was concerned that the Durands would take a little breaking-in, as most good boots do. I spent two days scouting and setting treestands, and even though over the two-day period I walked a little over 15 miles, the boots were just as comfortable as the first time I put them on.  I didn’t have blisters or hot spots—which is pretty impressive. Even boots that cost twice as much as the Durands have to be broken-in, but these boots were great right out of the box.

I tried to beat my Durands up daily over a three-week period and after a quick conditioning and cleaning, they look as good as new.  The nubuck leather and breathable mesh uppers look great, so you can wear them anywhere, whether it’s hiking, hunting, working around the house, or just running around town.  These boots are great for just about any application.


If I had to sum these boots up in one word, it would have to be amazing. The KEEN Durand Mid-height waterproof boots are extremely comfortable and well-made. They keep your feet dry and you can walk all day in them in complete comfort. Even after extreme wear and tear, they clean up well and look great.


I wore them in the pouring rain, in the early morning when the dew was still thick on the ground, and in and out of creek beds with running water—and my feet stayed dry.  From marshes to rugged prairies, I wore the KEEN Durands over some of the nastiest terrain Mother Nature has to offer, and they held up extremely well. You will get years of great use out of these boots.


The MSRP of $180 is competitive with many other brands of similar-style boots—no complaints here.


One of my oldest sons spends several days each month fishing and hunting on the river close to our home in central Oklahoma, and he also volunteers on a regular basis for stream and river clean-up projects and marsh restoration projects. After testing the KEEN Durand boots, I know exactly what to get him this Christmas. I would refer these to all of my friends and family that spend any extended time in the outdoors, they fit just about any application.

This article was produced in partnership with KEEN.


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