When you carry a firearm for self-defense, you will inevitably run in to a situation where you will be forced to leave your gun in your car. It could be for 10 minutes while you go in to a government building to pay your water bill or, it could be all day while you’re at work. If you’re like me, it doesn’t matter how long you’re away from the car, there is always that nagging feeling that your gun is in the car, unsecured. That feeling was something I wanted to do away with so, I began the hunt for a reliable safe for my vehicle.

During my search, I came across a few different options including a small portable safe with enough space for a compact pistol, to flatbed mounted vaults that were bigger than my 18 gun floor safe. I really wanted to find something semi-permanent and concealable, which was also secure enough to leave valuables and or a firearm in my vehicle long term. What I found was the Console Vault, a concealed center console safe with plenty of storage space to suit my needs.


Primarily made for larger SUV’s and Trucks, the vault is offered with three different locking options; a barrel key lock, keyless 3 digit combination, and keyless 4 digit combination. Console Vault offers their vehicle safe for a number of popular trucks and SUV’s, the Bagger Vault for Harley Davidson owners, and a universal vault for those looking to outfit an older vehicle, boat, or RV.

The vault is made with 12-Gauge cold rolled plate steel and has a reassuring weight when you pick it up. Luckily, shipping is provided free via FedEx. Inside the box, you’ll find the vault, installation instructions, and 4 self-tapping screws. One thing to note is that with some models, installation requires you to tap directly in to your center console’s plastic lining, leaving permanent damage if you were to remove the vault. This is really only an issue if you are leasing a newer vehicle as you will most likely be hit with repair charges when turning in your vehicle.

Installation took roughly ten minutes and was as simple as tightening the 4 included screws. Changing the combination is also extremely simple. With the lid in the open position, you use a paper clip to depress the reset button, set your desired combination, release the pin, and you’re done. Now, with the vault installed, all you really need to do is decide what you’re going to keep inside.

Since installing the vault about a month ago, I’ve kept a Glock 19, an extra box of ammo, and some emergency cash inside. The 19 fits in the safe really well but, the 50 round box of ammo has kind of an awkward fit. You might not be able to keep your Desert Eagle in there but, there should be no problem with a 1911 or any other full sized handgun.

Like anything else firearm related, there are always legal considerations. The main issue I’ve been running in to is that occasionally, my wife will be leaving the house in a rush and want to take my truck because I’ve blocked her in. Since she doesn’t have her CPL, she can’t just hop in and go. Outside of that, I haven’t run in to any issues but, always review your state’s laws relating to concealed carry and transportation of firearms to make sure you’re in compliance.

So far, I’ve been really happy with the console vault and at the $269 price point, you don’t need to break the bank to get reliable storage for your firearm when you’re on the go. I will admit, my safe has not been put to the test and I hope it never is, however, there are a number of testimonials at www.consolevault.com praising the vault for its effectiveness. What are your thoughts on the vault and how do you keep you firearms secure when you’re on the go?

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  • John Mood

    Curious why, if your wife does not have the combination or keys, that her driving around in your truck would be a problem? (I’m aware the laws vary by state).
    In SC she could literally carry the weapon in a closed (not locked) glove box) and be legal…
    A “Safe” with a darned good lock seems to be even better.

  • firelooker

    Looks like a cool idea, beats leaving your pistol under the seat like I have to do when I go to the doctor.

  • Secundius

    Looking at the Manufacturers Photo’s, I see 4 Combination Tumblers. Which are Barely Readable During Daylight Hours. Must Be a “BITCH” to Open in the Dark…