Field Test: CORBOX Pickup Storage Systems


If you’re into guns, hunting, fishing, are a survivalist, or just generally enjoy the outdoors, you have no doubt amassed a large amount of gear. One problem, however, is keeping this expensive gear safe when you’re hauling it in a pickup.

We recently covered the Console Vault, probably the best offering for secure small arms storage inside of your vehicle. The Console Vault is great, but you’re limited to a handgun and maybe a couple of extra mags. So what can you do if you want to securely store a bit more firepower in your pickup, but you don’t want your back seat to look like a gun store? Enter the CORBOX.


The CORBOX aims to take the traditional flatbed mounted pickup box to the next level. The Corbox is a below-the-rails, heavy-duty, welded gun fortress. You can’t take your floor-mounted gun safe with you, and honestly, with this bad boy, you don’t need to.

Each of the three models that CORBOX makes has a specific purpose. The TROVE is ideal for power tools, hand tools, parts and hardware. The TRAVERSE is the most versatile of the three, allowing for installation anywhere in your flatbed; it’s perfect for tools or gear, with a little less width in the top compartment. For me, the CORBOX is all about gun storage, which is why I went with the CORBOX TITAN (photo above).

One of the fundamental strategies for safely storing your firearms is not letting people know they are there in the first place. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s what makes the TITAN so great. It fits nicely inside the pickup bed and also underneath your Tonneau cover. A casual observer will never know that the box is tucked away, making your vehicle far less likely to be targeted by a thief. Beyond the security, all CORBOXs offer weather-proof storage, too.


Speaking of storage, you’re probably asking yourself: Just what can the TITAN hold? The answer is pretty much any gun or gun case that is 55 inches or shorter. Featured in the photo above are an AR-15, a 1964 Winchester Model 12, and a rifle-length AR-10, ranging in length from 32.5 to 49.5 inches; all in cases and all fit comfortably.

What I was really interested in was the strength of the storage compartment and the drawers. Luckily, I had 5,500 rounds of 5.56 ammo on hand from Freedom Munitions, which weighs roughly 150 pounds. After loading the ammo into the box, I couldn’t help but think of the scene in “Dazed in Confused” where they pop the trunk and it’s full of beer. This may not be beer, but in my opinion, it’s the next best thing. The top compartment easily held all 150 pounds of ammo (below) and could have managed more.


What I was most impressed with were the drawers. I packed in 75 pounds of ammo each (below), and they glided just as easily as they did when empty. I can imagine many different non-ammo scenarios where that weight capacity could be beneficial, too.


If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, consider the installation. Getting the CORBOX installed was an afternoon’s work, which I was able to complete by myself. The box weighs slightly less than 65 pounds, so any reasonably fit person should be able to lift it into their pickup by themselves. Like many storage solutions, there are permanent modifications required during installation. For those who lease their trucks, make sure you do your research and watch the installation video found here before making your purchase. You should also measure and then re-measure to make sure the box will fit in your pickup (TITAN dimensions shown below).

CORBOX box-dimensions

I’ve had the TITAN box in my truck for nearly 2 months and am extremely happy with it. I find myself leaving my range guns and range bag in the truck for a few days vs. carting them in and out of my house every time I want to shoot during my lunch break. It’s also given me more freedom to consider storing items for emergencies that I wouldn’t necessarily want to keep in my backseat.

If you’re a pickup owner and the safekeeping of your gear is import, I’d highly recommend a CORBOX. It gives you complete flexibility to use a Tonneau cover, safely store your gear, and maintain roughly 60 percent of your short bed for other storage.

What would you keep in your CORBOX?

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