True, turkey season is still a couple months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a purchase now (see video below) that could dramatically change your luck this spring.

I’ve written about the incredibly lifelike turkey decoys from Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) before; click here to witness a durability test where a hunter fires a 12 gauge turkey load into a DSD hen at a range of only 12 yards. The results are astounding!

DSD decoys are so beautiful that I place a DSD hen in my living room after spring turkey season so I can enjoy it the rest of the year. It’s no wonder they work so well in the turkey woods.

DSD decoys are works of art, and the author displays a DSD hen in his living room whenever turkey season is closed.

New for 2018 — and available to buy now — is the Mating Motion Pair from DSD. This two-deke system accurately replicates a jake in the act of mounting and breeding a hen. Click here to see the desired motion; and yes, you might giggle as you put the jake into action.

No batteries are needed. You simply tug on the included cord to simulate a jake as he tries to balance on top of a receptive hen. When a mature longbeard sees the jake on the hen, he will likely lose his mind and walk (probably run) over to exert his dominance. The hand-operated motion system is simple and will be deadly. Period.

Of course, like all DSDs, the Mating Motion Pair is lightweight, quiet and constructed out of DSD’s amazing A.C.E. Technology. As we mentioned earlier, these decoys can withstand a shotgun blast — or a broadhead for that matter — with little to no visible wear to the surface, and no effect to the decoy’s shape. And one last thing: DSDs are made in the USA!

I can’t wait to use the Mating Motion Pair while bowhunting turkeys in South Dakota this spring. The mature longbeards in my area are going to kill this jake to get to the hen. It’s going to be so much fun luring them in as the puppet master!

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