There are endless options for securing your firearms, but circumstances necessitate different gear. 

Some people prefer to keep their guns locked up in a safe unless they are using them. Some people have quick-access safes that they keep next to their bedside for easy access. Other people simply keep an unlocked pistol in their nightstand or in their truck. All of these options are viable under ideal circumstances, but what if you have children or other adults in a shared residence who shouldn’t be able to fire your pistol? That’s the niche that the IDENTILOCK perfectly fills.

The IDENTILOCK is a middle ground between those three storage options. It’s not an anti theft device like a safe; the IDENTILOCK prevents unauthorized users from firing your weapon. I’m sure anyone with a die grinder could have the lock off in a few minutes, but that’s not the point. The IDENTILOCK is meant to keep kids from accidentally discharging your gun or to keep your own weapon from being used without your permission.

Keyed manual lock and USB C charging port.

Everything about IDENTILOCK GLK-A1 I tested was simple and trouble free. The motion of picking up the gun and placing your finger on the fingerprint sensor and having the lock drop down feels effortless. The accuracy of the sensor is at least as good as what you would find on the modern flagship phone. Unlike some modern biometric devices the sensor still works very well with light dirt, water, or grease on your fingers. I even tested it after getting motor oil on my fingers and only had a minor hiccup. The first time I tried to open it with oil dirty motor oil on my hands it failed, but on the second try it popped open as expected.

This is what’s actually locking on to the trigger guard of the pistol.

Overall I think this is the perfect solution for securing your nightstand gun especially if you have children in the house. You can open it about well over 200 times before needing to recharge it. That’s more than enough for almost any user, but it might be kind of nice if it was compatible with wireless chargers. If the IDENTILOCK had wireless charging and a slightly lower price tag I would consider buying a few more for the other pistols I own. 

The non-business side of the lock.


  • Small size
  • Extremely accurate sensor that rivals flagship phones.
  • Manual override
  • Easy USB C charging
  • Multiple user profiles so others can unlock the pistol
  • Super-fast access ( Claimed 300 ms, and it really seems that quick) 
  • Durable construction



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