Beer Hunting: The 5 Best Ohio Microbrews for your Next Outdoor Adventure


Time for your next fishing trip? Maybe you just need a weekend of camping to detox from the grind and shut down your technology for a couple days. Continuing our hunting beer series, here are the 5 best Ohio microbrews that you should take with you on your next trip in the Buckeye State.

Whatever the reason, some time in the outdoors with friends always seem to be just the ticket for a quick escape, and any weekend outdoors is better with beer.

Columbus Brewing Company Bodhi

Columbus, OH

Style: Double IPA

Ohio Microbrew 1
Columbus Brewing Co. Bodhi

We kick off our list with the highest rated beer from Ohio on Beer Advocate. Bodhi is an “awakening of the senses” thanks to a bevy of American hops. It pours golden and has a heavy dose of Citra on the nose to give a refreshing taste, despite its relatively high ABV. The Bodge won Bronze Medal for American-Style India Pale Ale at the Great American Beer Festival in 2014, and has consistently lived up to that badge of honor.


Thirsty Dog Brewing Company Labrador Lager

Akron, OH

Style: Lager

ohio microbrew 2
Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. Labrador Lager

For any dog lover who brings their best friend out on the hunt or in the boat, the Labrador Lager is much like the breed: a reliable and loyal companion. Brewed in the traditional German brewing techniques of lagering and carefully crafted with European hops and yeast, this relaxed brew is perfectly balanced and ready for your next adventure. Why bring just one best friend when you can bring a whole pack?


Great Lakes Brewing Co. Burning River Pale Ale

Cleveland, OH

Style: Pale Ale

ohio microbrew 3
Great Lakes Brewing Co. Burning River Pale Ale

Although we hope you never encounter an actual burning river, bringing a few along in your cooler on your next trip is a situation you want to find yourself in. This beer is a toast to the Cuyahoga River fire that uses resources from the Great Lakes region to create an ultra-fresh Pale Ale. You’ll get notes of citrus and pine to ignite your senses, rather than your local waterways.


Rhinegeist Cloud Five

Cincinnati, OH

Style: Hazy IPA

ohio microbrew 4
Rhinegeist Cloud Five

The haze craze continues to dominate craft beer and this Hazy Imperial IPA is the best we’ve found in Ohio. It’s dark gold and full bodied, and gives you a soft mouthfeel and medium-low bitterness. If you want something intensely juicy for your trip, this is the beer for you.


Jackie O’s Oro Negro

Athens, Ohio

Style: Stout

ohio microbrew 5
Jackie O’s Oro Negro

Every trip in the wild needs a night cap, and this beer is a perfect pick. The Oro Negro is Ohio’s second-highest rated beer on Beer Advocate, and at 10% ABV, you won’t want to pack a whole bunch in your cooler if you expect to survive the day. But for something to celebrate a successful day in the wild? Grab an Oro Negro and pass it around the fire for a rich character and a touch of heat.

What do you think about out list? Leave your suggestions in the comments.


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