The 3 Best Buck Grunt Calls For Your Next Deer Hunting Trip


Hunting whitetail successfully will require many skills: patience, the ability to track game, and shooting a bow or gun accurately. It also requires a number of important tools. In this article, we’ll outline and discuss the 3 best buck grunt calls on the market that you can use for your next whitetail hunting trip. But before we get into that, lets talk about the features and qualities that your grunt call should have in the first place:

The first quality that your grunt call needs, is it needs to create realistic sounds. No matter what kind of call you use, it’s useless if it doesn’t create a sound that accurately imitates a real deer.

On that note, it’s also wise to use a call that can vary between different sounds as well. Besides creating the realistic sound of a buck grunting, creating the bleat of a fawn or the sound of a doe would also be helpful. Even better, would be to have the ability to change the volume or the tonal frequencies of each of those sounds as well.

As we will soon see, there are several buck grunt calls that, besides enabling you to create the sound of a buck grunting, will also enable you to create the sound of smaller bucks, does, and even fawns. Just make sure that it’s easy to switch between the sounds of your call.

Now that we know some of the general features and characteristics that your grunt call needs to have, we can dive into the specific makes and models of calls for your consideration.

Here are the best buck grunt calls for your next deer hunting trip:

Extinguisher Deer Call

Best Buck Grunt Call

The Extinguisher Deer Call is notable because it provides the user with the ability to alternate between different sounds, or to adjust the pitch of each of those sounds as well.  For example, you’ll be able to accurately emulate the sounds of a smaller doe or a larger buck, which is not something that every other deer call can boast of.  As an added benefit, this deer call also ships with an instructional DVD that is very informative in teaching you how to use the call.

Flextone Bone Collector Buck Call

Best Buck Grunt Call

Just as the Extinguisher Deer Call can handle many different kinds of deer calls, so can the Flextone Bone Collector Call as well, being capable of creating fawn, buck, and doe sounds, as well as adjusting the tone of each sound as well in order to truly create the sound you want to.  This call is also very lightweight and won’t weigh you down as you’re walking through the woods.

Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

Best Buck Grunt Call

Primos is an even bigger name in the deer call world than Flextone and Extzinguisher are.  The Primos Hardwood Grunter Call is a very versatile call that will create a much louder grunt than the previous two options so you can reach out to a wider area.  All in all, this is easily one of the best long range grunt calls on the market.

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