Bowhunting’s Best Range Finders


When you’re sorting through the best range finders to use for bowhunting, keep in mind that range finders are often used for two different purposes: golfing and hunting.

Now obviously, for bowhunting you’re going to want a range finder that’s specifically intended for that use and not for golfing. And believe it or not, there really is a difference between a golfing range finder and one used for hunting.

Granted, all laser range finders operate in virtually the same way: by focusing a tight beam of light onto your target and then measuring the amount of time it takes the light to be reflected back to your finder. From this information, you can easily discover your exact distance from the target.

Each range finder will also sport a reticle to use as your aiming device when looking through the viewing lens. But what makes a range finder meant for golfing different from one meant for hunting?

A few key differences stand out immediately:

First and foremost, hunting range finders will often always feature an illuminated reticle to make it easy to use during low light conditions, whereas golfing range finders are more likely to have a black reticle.

Hunting range finders are also often smaller and lighter than golfing range finders so they won’t take up too much space in your pack.

With all that being said, here are three great bowhunting range finders for you to consider:


Best Rangefinders

The SIG Sauer Kilo 2000 Laser Range Finder is wateproof and features an increment reading of one yard with a 4x magnification and an objective lens of 25mm.  The overall weight of the range finder is just seven and a half ounces, with a maximum range of thirty four hundred yards.

Even though SIG Sauer is far more well known for their firearms, they also produce tactical equipment and hunting goods as well.

Something about the Kilo 2000 Laser Range Finder that is truly unique is the fact that SIG installed it with their ‘angle modified range’ feature.  This allows the user to measure not only the distance from you to the target, but also the different angles from which you can take your shot, which is pretty cool.


Hunting's Best Rangefinders

The Wildgame Innovation Halo XRT Range Finder is definitely heavier than the SIG Sauer option we just looked at, having a weight of around eleven yards.  That begin said, it’s also waterproof and has a stronger magnification than the SIG at 6x.

Another neat feature about the Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT is that it was designed to be used by both hunters and golfers, and is therefore a truly multipurpose range finder. It has a maximum distance of five hundred yards, and it is also notable for its highly ergonomic grip as well.  This has made it a popular choice among compound bow hunters in the United States.


Hunting's Best Rangefinders

An even lighter and more compact choice than the SIG Sauer Kilo 2000 Range Finder is the Simmons LRF Range Finder, having a weight of just over six ounces.  Furthermore, it offers an even more detailed increment reading of .1 yards rather than 1 yard.  With a magnification of 4x, the Simmons has a maximum range of six hundred yards.

Simmons is a fairly big name in the rifle scope and optics world, so it only makes sense that they would produce high quality range finders as well.  This Simmons range finder also has an LCD display and is further weatherproof, making it a good companion to have in any hunting trip regardless of what kind of inclement weather you find yourself in.

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