2019 Gear Hunter Holiday Gift Guide: Walls Ditchdigger Pants and Bomber Work Jacket


Full disclosure, I had never heard of Walls Outdoor Goods before I received a little ‘care package,’ which included their Breckenridge Worn-In Duck Bomber jacket and a pair of Ditchdigger Double-Knee DWR Stretch Duck pants. My initial impression was good after trying them on, however both the jacket and pants exceeded my expectations. Especially in the field!

The Duck Bomber jacket is super heavy-duty with excellent quality, and would certainly keep you warm while taking the abuse of a job site or outdoor activities. The jacket is constructed of nine-ounce sanded, stonewashed cotton duck material with a 300-weight buffalo plaid fleece interior.

Walls Bomber Jacket

The inside of the jacket has two pockets on each side – one zippered and one velcro. Also, the interior sleeves are lined with nylon, making it super easy to slip on and off.

Walls Outdoor Goods

You will find a total of six pockets on the outside of the jacket – one zippered breast pocket deep enough to hold a cell phone, a wallet and other miscellaneous items, and two hand warmer pockets with “lockdown vertical security” pockets.

Walls Outdoor Goods

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about the product:

“They say the weather has a mind of its own. But work doesn’t wait. For days under an angry sky, seasoned pros grab the Breckenridge for hauling the loads, working the land or running the whole operation. Nine-ounce sanded cotton duck brings toughness to any undertaking but also looks lived-in, and worked-in, right off the rack due to a strong, sensible stonewashing. Fleece-lined pockets rewarm fingers after fine-motor tasks and the lockdown left-side pocket stows a phone to answer the call or cash to buy the first round.”

The Ditchdigger pants are a really underrated offering from Walls. They are built with the same hardworking duck material as the Bomber jacket, with a “Smooth Move” elastic waistband for added flexibility and give.

Walls Ditchdigger Pants

These pants are tough too! One feature I found was very user-oriented was the articulated double knees, which provides added protection to survive digging trenches, felling timber, or in my case, busting through thick brush while upland hunting.

Walls Ditchdigger Pants
The additional material around the knees adds extra protection from sticks and thorns

I took these pants to some pretty rough corners of the woods in Northern Michigan, and they just kept coming back for more! Seriously though, these pants held up great in thick brush and thorns, and performed just as well as my other pants made specifically for upland hunting – and a fraction of the cost! These pants also came with me on a hunting trip in southern Texas, and I still couldn’t find anything these Ditchdigger pants couldn’t handle.

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about the product:

“Underappreciated, underpaid and, every so often, under the table—we built the Ditchdigger Work Pant to honor the calloused manual workers who sweat and toil to get the hard work done. Built with 11-oz cotton, stretch duck material for extra toughness and a Smooth Move™ hidden elastic waistband that adds superior flex and give—this workingman’s work pant is up to the industrial task. We built it jobsite tough with triple-needle stitching, articulated double knees and a reinforced kick plate to survive the scars of digging trenches, shoveling gravel, felling timber, pouring concrete or swinging sledgehammers.”

If you’re looking for some warm, durable workwear that won’t break the bank, check out Walls Outdoor Goods. You won’t be disappointed.

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