Bateman’s USA TaeKwonDo (Sulsa Do Corps), the producers of these bizarre training videos claim to be “martial arts experts”, but there is nothing expert about them. The strange original music to the ineffective (and possibly dangerous) tactics have made these videos viral hits. Watch for yourself and let us know what you think.

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7 thoughts on “These 4 Bizarre Pistol “Training” Videos Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Some body stop this craziness , before they shoot their eye out , tactifool is what this is . Rolling around and doing bs nonsense with no muzzle awareness this is just dangerous

  2. This stuff causes injuries, I laughed so hard coke came out my nose and I almost choked. Holy crap that was so funny, the monobrowed chick almost made me pee myself because she takes it so seriously. How can you not laugh seeing this guy do this stuff?

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