Check out this list of some of the largest sea creatures ever caught.

Largest shark

This monstrous whale shark was caught in the Mediterranean and was measured at 21 feet long.

Largest lobster

This Lobster was off the coast of Maine. It was the size of a three-year-old toddler, and weighed in at 27 pounds.

Largest alligator gar

This could be the most terrifying catch on the list. This huge alligator gar was caught in Texas, measured just over eight feet long and weighed in at 230 pounds.

Largest sea bass

This colossal black sea bass weighed more than 400 pounds and took over an hour to get out the water in California.

Largest catfish

After being caught in Thailand, local villagers attempted to keep this mammoth catfish alive. Unfortunately, this nine-foot-long catfish quickly passed away.

Largest stingray

This freshwater stingray was also caught in Thailand and took 90 minutes to reel in. This beast weighed in at 564 pounds.

Largest salmon

This gigantic salmon was caught by a Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist in California. The fish was 51 inches long and weighed over 88 pounds.

Largest squid

This squid was captured in the Arctic Ocean. It weighed in at 1,089 pounds and measured over 19 feet long.

Largest king crab

This massive king crab was caught in the Northern Pacific Ocean. It weighed in around 33 pounds.

Largest marlin

This enormous Pacific Blue Marlin was caught off the coast of Hawaii in the 1980s. It weighed in at 1,656 pounds and was 17 feet long.

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