This is not what you want to see in your treestand, but hey, that bear’s a hunter, too. I imagine that there were probably some expletives thrown around after the bear was discovered. Have you ever found an intruder in your treestand?

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8 thoughts on “PHOTO: The Last Thing a Hunter Wants to See in His Treestand

  1. Shooting from a tree stand isn’t hunting. It’s a pu$$y who can’t track a deer just killing one. I’m only hoping the bear evicted the “hunter” who had been sitting up there drinking beer and fed him to its cubs.

    1. not all hunters have “unlimited property” to hunt like you must have, or a 3-7k per year hunting lease…so a few of us get slots on only a few acres, and need the stand to HOPE for a passerby, cuz like, stalking deer on a 3 acre lot or run only goes so far…I have several lots 2-4 acres with stands & feeders. Now, I ONLY hunt hog, and spend plenty of time hunting them from the ground as well, in the swamps, with gators, getting charged by boar- so I hardly think i qualify as a “pu$$y” cuz i have stands. Just cuz a buddy of yours that hunts from a stand tried to get a bj outa ya doesnt mean the rest of us stand hunters swing that way Steve.

    2. So when I hike into one of several different locations of LARGE woods (private and public) whitetail hunting with my climbing stand and my bow. Spend countless hours of scouting, observing, and sitting (in a tree 8 out of 10 times.. Usually yielding FAIR CHASE results, I MUST be a ‘stand hunting pu$$y.’ If its fair for you to assume things.. I’m going to assume your another gun toting Johnny “hunter”.

  2. the bear looked at the ground below the stand an noticed a spider and ran away lmao. to bad away was in the stand lmao

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