If you’re like many anglers these days, you practice catch-and-release, so the only proof of that monster walleye will probably just be a digital photo. That means your camera is every bit as important as your fishing rod, especially if you want something to show for your efforts. You might have the newest, best camera on the market, but if your batteries are on the blink you might as well draw a portrait of your trophy — and fish don’t sit still very long . . . At important times like this, don’t rely on some off-brand alkaline AA batteries; Instead try some Energizer Ultimate Lithiums — the next generation in portable power. 

          For starters, they last eight times as long as alkaline batteries when used in high-tech toys like digital cameras and GPS devices. Ultimate Lithiums also have an unprecedented 15-year shelf life, so you can put them in your Doomsday emergency kit.

          And when you switch over to lithium you’ll be doing our planet a favor, as well. Because lithium is the lightest metal on earth it’s not as toxic as the lead/cadmium batteries you grew up with. Energizer Ultimate Lithium was even designed specifically to prevent corrosion and leaking, so a pair of batteries you accidentally leave in a flashlight for a couple of years is less likely to damage the device. Another huge step forward for Energizer is Ultimate Lithium’s outstanding performance in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40 F to 140 F. It might never hit 140 degrees out on the lake, but it’s probably gotten that hot in your truck a few times with your digital camera left right in the glovebox.  

          When you hit the lake or river this summer, remember that you can’t have fun if you aren’t safe, and safety is the combination of responsibility and performance. Carry lights that allow you to see and be seen by others. For boaters, this means four lights: One for the bow, one for the stern, a powerful, hand-held model for penetrating fog and long-range illumination, and a headlamp for hands-free operation. You’ll also want to double-check the batteries for safety gear like radios or emergency lights, and especially your GPS. Even if you have a camera on your phone, bring a real digital camera just so you’ll have a backup, and remember to pack extra Energizer Ultimate Lithium. When bragging rights hang in the balance, don’t let dead batteries make a liar out of you. For more information visit:  http://www.energizer.com/


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