When most people think about what it’s like to drive through the middle of Iowa, usually they’re right to think that it’s corn row after corn row, but what people don’t realize is on those farms, not every square foot can be used for farming. Sometimes instead of farming your land, you will benefit more if you use the resources at hand to build up your wildlife population. There are many farmers out there that have changed their farming practices to better implement the use of wildlife areas and grasslands for hunting and fishing activities.

Outdoors on the Farm was a video series on AgWeb produced from 2002 to 2010. Outdoors on the Farm aired its breakthrough season on RFD-TV in November of 2010. After filming and putting in long hours in the field, we can certainly say that we are extremely satisfied with how it went and are very thankful for the opportunities that we have had already with this very unique show.

Why OOTF is so unique

For some outdoorsmen, their dreams of having the perfect land to score that monster buck are ruined by farmers because of certain farming practices. If you would talk to a farmer, yes their main focus is their land but no, they have no intentions of crushing your biggest and wildest dreams. These farmers want to get the most out of their land, and that is why Outdoors on the Farm does what it does. Many farmers have worked with outdoorsmen to maximize their habitats and they know hunting ground can potentially bring in great revenue, but even more importantly, help people have more fun in the outdoors. Outdoors on the Farm brings these stories to you. Focusing on land management, maximizing habitat, and conservation practices, OOTF tells the stories of how farmers and outdoorsman are implementing these practices, and explains how you can work with a farmer to better both of your time spent outdoors on the farm.

The Pro Staff

For every show there has to be a host that has done and seen it all. Outdoors on the Farm has a host with an experienced background in both production agriculture and outdoor activities, with a resume filled with qualified  stories displaying his many accomplishments in the outdoors. Even more important than all of that though, he has been blessed to be the father of me! Chip Flory has been working on the Outdoors on the Farm project for about 9 years now. We would film short segments that would air on U.S. Farm Report every now and then with just a few segments a year. These segments would range from deer hunting, small game hunting, or even the many horse shows that I used to go to when I was younger. Being an outdoor kind of family, everyone got their 5 minutes of fame at least once. This is where everything started but now we have turned it into an every weekend gig and we really love helping people make the best out of their habitat.

We wouldn’t be the show we are without our pro staff. Ranging from many different backgrounds, our pro staff could teach you just about anything. Our pro staff is just as qualified as our host with experts in animal training, youth activities, women activities, habitat management, many different kinds of hunting and fishing, and all around outdoors. With this kind of knowledge we are certain we will be able to help out any person with a question about pursuing the outdoors.

Outdoors on the Farm is here to help anyone that wants to make the best out of their land. The way we think is it’s not about the kill or the score of that big whitetail buck, it’s more about the preparation of that hunt to make your experience the best. With good preparation the other things will fall into place eventually.

For any help with habitat management, questions about the show, questions in general, comments, or want more information on Outdoors on the Farm check out outdoorsonthefarm.com. For more help or if you have a great hunting place on private land email eflory@outdoorhub.com! Be sure to catch us on RFD-TV at 7:30 a.m. central time on Thursday mornings or 10:30 a.m. central time on Saturday mornings! Can’t catch the time to see them then? All of our episodes are on outdoorsonthefarm.com to watch for free at any time. Also, if you want to look like an Outdoors on the Farm pro staffer, OOTF now offers apparel! Check it out along with news and updates about Justin Moore, who just happens to be the writer and singer of our theme song.

You never know when Outdoors on the Farm will be offering sweepstakes and prizes so check in regularly to see if we have added a new blog or if there are any prizes to be won!

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