You never know when you could find yourself in a dangerous survival situation where you need to know how your immediate environment could protect you. In this Buick O’ Truth article put out by the Box o’ Truth, the penetrative capabilities of pistol rounds are examined.

A lot of officers have been trained to conduct a high risk stop behind the “cover” of their door, leaving it open while they kneel behind it with their weapon drawn. This seems like a very logical tactic, but as you are about to see, it actually doesn’t work in the real world.  Notice that the pictures are taken from farther away this time. This is a safety precaution. Shooting a car is a fun thing to do, but it can be VERY dangerous and NOTHING should be taken for granted. ALWAYS err on the side of safety, ESPECIALLY when you are shooting at the metal parts of the car.

To read the rest of this article, please head to The Box O’ Truth, an Outdoor Hub Network member.


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