Winter months out west tend to bring wild boar hunting to a grinding halt. Thankfully, some of the other western states have answer to the winter pig hunting doldrums. The Javelina or Collared Peccary is the pig hunter’s “big” game in Arizona. Javelina can also be found in Texas and New Mexico.

The largest Javelina populations are found in Arizona but they are not found statewide. The best hunts are in the southeastern corner of the State, southeast of Tucson.

You need to apply for a hunting permit in December, drawings will take place in January and hunting takes place in February. Applications must specify hunt numbers. Permits are classified as HAM (handgun, archery and muzzle loader) and permit-hunting. Non-residents pay about $114.00 for a non-resident license and a $68.00 Javelina permit fee. Deadlines for permit/tag applications close generally in late of the year. Also, two Apache Tribes sell Javelina permits over the counter on a first come first served basis. The San Carlos Apache Tribe has some of the best Javelina hunting in Arizona. Javelina hunting on reservation lands is available in mid- February.

Texas has a long Javelina hunting season, generally from October to the end of February in 43 counties and from September 1 to August 31 in 50 counties. The problem with hunting in Texas is that there is virtually no hunting on public land in Texas and hunting rights for private lands are generally leased to guide services and clubs. Information on hunting on public lands in Texas is available on from the State of Texas via the Net. If you cannot find the information, you may contact the author for details.

Why would anyone want to hunt the ‘little pig’ that looks like a wild pig but is indeed not a pig at all? Well, Javelina share with boar not only looks but also some of the temperament. While generally peaceful, they can become very aggressive and combative when cornered or in defense of their offspring — just like their big look-alikes.

Hunting Javelina can be very challenging and really exciting. If the price and the timing sound right to you I really recommend getting involved in Javelina hunting this winter.



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