You know, it’s kind of amazing to remember back that far, but it’s true, my older brother Ron sent me a spinning reel from Europe during his time in the U.S. Army back in 1955. I was 10-years old, and literally, they’ve been a part of my life ever since.

As I sit here at my desk looking over a spreadsheet detailing the TV shows we’re about to shoot, I realize that a good 60-percent of the upcoming trips will require Quantum spinning tackle. Whether it’s walleye, panfish, or big water smallmouth, spinning reels will fit the bill best in our Angling Edge pursuits.

In fact, I did an informal survey with my angling obsessed co-workers, and they confirmed that they use a spinning reel to make at least half of the casts in a given year.

But I will tell ya’ — my spinning reels and I haven’t always been in the majority crowd. Back in the early 1970s when I was fishing in B.A.S.S. events, legendary pro angler Billy Westmoreland and I were about the only two guys that competed largely with spinning reels.

Westmoreland and I faired well – largely because we had a niche advantage over the baitcasting crowd back then. We were able to use lighter lines, and essentially compete with finesses tactics long-before they were seen as a viable way to catch a heavy limit under tough conditions.

In the early 1970s however, the reels weren’t nearly the quality they are today. We actually carried spare bail springs just to keep them running, and the drag systems were infamous for failing, sticking, and causing lines to break on big fish.

The Quantum Tour Edition and Energy reels that I’m using today have ceramic heat-resistant drag systems that are flawless, and magnetic trip bail systems that are fail-proof too. It’s truly a privilege to fish with such quality equipment.

To me, spinning reels offer a lot of advantages. From the ability to fish lighter lines with them, to the simple fact they are more intuitive to learn how to use, and even the fact that they function more ergonomically friendly in your hand. They are a part of me. And they have been for 56 years.

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