I could tell you that I am a great hunter and woodsman that rarely, if ever, makes a mistake or a blunder and that I had some trouble coming up with material for this entry but my mom taught me long ago that lying wasn’t nice. I have had at least a “few” mistakes occur while out hunting that I thought would be good reading for others so I decided to put together a little blooper reel of hunting stories.

They may not have seemed funny at the time but now I can easily look back and laugh. They say “If you laugh at yourself than who can you laugh at” and I have sure held up my end of that bargain over the years. Now hopefully you can laugh at me right along with me.

These first few will probably fall into the “been there done that” category for most of you so I know someone out there has shared my laughter and pain.

“The Stairmaster” – You’ve made the stealthy hike in to your stand and climbed up to your perch to get settled in for the hunt. Your safety harness is on and as soon as you get your gloves on you will be ready to……this is the point when you feel something start to slide out of your pocket. Before your mind can register what is happening one of (or maybe even both of) your gloves has started its 20ft journey back down to earth. You are undoing your safety harness before it even hits the ground as you get set to begin the hunter’s version of a stairmaster work out. If you are lucky it’s daylight and you can see where it landed, if you are unlucky (as I have been) it’s dark out and you have no idea where your camouflaged glove just landed. After a quick trip down and back up your steps you can finally start hunting, which is good because it’s always nice to sit down and rest after working out.

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