BENELLI on ASSIGNMENT, 2011 Sarco Creek Ranch, Goliad, TX - L-R Top: Steve McKelvain, Milton Greeson, Jason Nash, Cally Morris, Joe Coogan (Host BOA) L-R Bottom: Melissa Juneske, Julie Golob, Karen Lee, Katie McKelvain, Pam Zaitz, Cristie Gates, Becky Lou Lacock, Anetta Morris
It is not all about the hunt and the harvest, but the time in between that is sometimes the best part. All the people in this picture were all, and individually, the best part of my hunt at Sarco Creek…

For the past 2011 Spring Turkey Season I was very fortunate to be on assignment for Game & Fish Magazine and on set for the production for the new season of Benelli on Assignment, with this episode airing Saturday, September 17, 10:30am CST. Although was very excited about the opportunity for a spring turkey hunt, this event will be one of my favorites and whenever I think about it in the future, it will give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Joe Coogan (Benelli Brand Marketing Manager and Host of BOA) and Cristie Gates, (Benelli Media & Exhibit Mgr) worked hard to bring several women from across the nation together for a hunt on the beautiful privately owned Sarco Creek Ranch, Goliad Texas. I don’t use that word lightly, the ranch was absolutely gorgeous and the people were just as beautiful. Milton Greeson was our gracious host, and John Welder was his right hand man and were very successful at making each of the girls feel like a Princess!

I was really pumped about being able to shoot the new semi automatic, Stoeger M3500 with the new Federal Premium Mag-Shok #7, and the FastFire scope to boot! I believe that all our guns were new on the market, and to us, which is sometimes a little intimidating, but with no delay, we were off to the gun range. Ergo with expert instruction from Joe and Cristie, we patterned our guns and gained confidence! As with all hunts, the times between the hunts are where lots of memories are made. Bunking with the girls, talking til the wee hours of the morning, and then RISING in the wee hours of the morning, we all kept up the pace and it was somewhat exhilarating to be exhausted!

Joe, our gracious host for the show, had scheduled and organized for months to ensure the timely execution of the production and the turkey! It all worked out great, (although not always on cue, the turkey‘s did not realize they were the “stars“ of the show). The patience and perseverance of the girls, the guides, Joe, and the camera crew are all to be commended, and proved that with the right camo clothing and gear, you can hide up to 6 people from several turkey only a short 25-30 yards away!

"....with the right camo clothing and gear, you can hide up to 6 people from several turkey only a short 25-30 yards away!"

I could go on about the hunt, and you can be sure I will another time, but I would really like to take this opportunity to praise the sponsors. It is very promising to see the industry support and encourage women to hunt. With Benelli taking the initiative, there were several companies that stood with them to make this hunt possible, and that is what truly gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

As Glen Beck might say, “They support us”, so I say, lets support them. Please check out their websites and please remember them when you, or someone you love needs gear for the field: for the guns, the hunt, and the new found friends. Only the best for us! Thanx Joe & Cristie for all of your efforts. A job extremely well done! for supplying turkey gear for the hunt, with various calls, seats, vests, you name it they sent it. for all the ammunition and also for Jason Nash who called in my Tom & Melissa Juneske who gets the “Roommate of the Year” award! for all the great camo clothing! We were Invisible and Cute! (As I always say, “Camo can be Classy”TM ) for the awesome FastFire scopes attached to our shotguns! It is an amazingly helpful tool when aiming at that turkey’s small head down that big barrel! for the realistic decoys that brought them in close, and also the expert calling lesson! and for providing camo for the men and guides who led us to victory! (I will have to add, they were also Invisible and cute!) John Geiger, for bringing the hunt to life in Game & Fish magazine.

“Everyone…Thanx for the Memories……”

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