The line “friends, family and the outdoors” means a lot to hunters who truly feel their time spent in the outdoors exceeds the definition of bonding. It’s time spent with long-term and just recently acquainted buddies. It’s a chance for fathers and sons, mothers and daughters to get away from the everyday tasks to spend quality time together in hopes of a rewarding hunt and so much more than that. Here is what “friends, family and the outdoors” means to the men of Bone Collector and Realtree.

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This article is part of a series of interviews and videos surrounding Realtree and Bone Collector. Interviews are available with: Nick Mundt, Travis (T-Bone) Turner, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan, Bill Jordan’s CEO to CEO and NASCAR.
Additional videos include: Friends, Family and the Outdoors, Behind-the-Scenes and BLOOPERS.

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