We’ve been so serious with the rest of the videos and interviews published in the Realtree, Bone Collector and Chevy series that it’s time for a few laughs. This compilation bloopers video is taken from footage of the Realtree and Bone Collector interviews, filming of the Chevy commercial spots, behind-the-scenes, additional content footage and also random in-between filming.

“Dag’ gam I screwed up.”

[ohubvideo Qxa2F3MjqR7dbl0j6CdkoKyslxJjLAXq nolink]

This article is part of a series of interviews and videos surrounding Realtree and Bone Collector. Interviews are available with: Nick Mundt, Travis (T-Bone) Turner, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan, Bill Jordan’s CEO to CEO and NASCAR.
Additional videos include: Friends, Family and the Outdoors, Behind-the-Scenes and BLOOPERS.

Photo: Emily Flory

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