The gift of superior self-defense equipment is one that you can be sure will keep on giving. If you’re like me and you live in a state where your right to defend yourself and your family is fully enabled, then make sure you have it checked off your gift list this holiday season with these proven personal recommendations for self-defense.

Glock Gen4 Pistol
Glock has been a trusted name in the pistol market for quite a long time now and their new 4th generation pistols serve to reinforce that trust. Glock makes a rugged and reliable weapon and the Gen4s are no exception. My personal favorite is the G17 – 9mm has always been a more-than-adequate self-defense, plinking and sporting round for me. As an alternative to giving a high-quality Glock pistol, there’s also the extensive aftermarket for Glock accessories, like their tactical lights.

Ruger LCP
Ever since introducing my family to firearms, there’s been an arms race between my dad’s two brothers to equip themselves with the best guns available. This has led to guns leaving their safes just as quickly as they enter as one gun becomes old hat and something new and shiny comes along. One thing that’s been a constant since they both bought it, however, is the Ruger LCP. It’s a DAO subcompact pistol in .380 Auto that’s easy to shoot and convenient to carry. It’s cheap, durable and effective – three great attributes of any carry gun.

GV1000C-DLX Pistol Safe
You need to safely secure any pistol in your home to protect your family from irresponsible use and prevent any intruder from getting to your gun before you do. My dad’s had one of these models for a while now and while he’s (thankfully) never had to use one in a real survival situation, he’s run it through tests and exercises over and over and always been pleased with the results. Check out Gun Vault’s website today for an awesome Cyber Monday deal on it.

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