Last month we told you about Dominic Incavo bagging a lion during his safari in the Kalahari Desert. But Dom didn’t go alone — also along for the ride of a lifetime was NRA Member Peter Dragisic of Berwyn, Illinois. And Peter wasn’t about to go home empty handed.

A deer hunter back home in Illinois, Dragisic was out with the group’s Professional Hunter (PH) when they came upon a small herd of zebras in an open field. Believing there was no way to approach the herd without spooking them, Dragisic and the PHcircled round for a better firing position. In due time, the zebras were actually coming to him.

With his .30-06 Ruger M-77 rifle secured in place, Dragisic zeroed in on a stallion who’d wandered to the right. His first safari, his first potential animal … the pressure built. He squeezed the trigger and fired.

“Grim, our PH, started shouting you got him, you got him,” said Dragisic. “The 925 pound stallion reared up and fell to the ground. It was amazing.”

But that wasn’t all that Dragisic brought back from Africa. There was also a warthog, a baboon and a case of malaria.

“Spent a week in a good samaritan hospital when we got back,” said Dragisic. “I took the malaria pills before heading out, but the Doctor told us there were no guarantees.”

One that is guaranteed is that Peter will never forget that hunt. After all, he’s got a heck of a black and white rug to remind him of the whole thing.

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