National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz’s Rock River Arms 6″ 1911 in 9mm


After winning his third National Police Shooting Championship, we took aside U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz with a special request — can we have a look at the guns he used to win the title. Last year we saw the Nowlin 1911, the Springfield Ultra Compact and the Bob Jones .38 Special Revolver. The New Year starts with another one of his custom 1911s.

“This is my Rock River Arms 1911 9mm six inch,” said Vadasz. “Chuck Larson built it for me about four years ago.”

Rock River Arms was founded in 1993 by brothers Mark and Chuck Larson. Based in Colona, Illinois, the company is a staple at the National Police Shooting Championships. Initially focused on producing custom 1911 pistols like Vadasz’s, Rock River’s catalog now includes competition rifles, hunting rifles, personal protection and law enforcement guns.

“This is my Bianchi Cup gun now and the gun that I use for Distinguished Auto here (at the National Police Shooting Championships),” Vadasz explained. “I’ve also won several championships with this gun.

“It’s weighted well, runs flawlessly, functions every time, built perfectly. It’s just a phenomenal firearm.”

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