Kayden Marshall of Gila Trophy Outfitters in New Mexico with His Double


It was the last day of season and we had not had much time to take our son, Kayden Marshall, out to hunt much for his Merriam turkey hunt because we had hunters on the weekends and the days that Kayden could hunt were when school was out. I told him we would make sure he got to hunt the last morning of his hunt, so I had both boys get ready.

Of course we were running late, ’cause just like most kids they didn’t want to get up that early to hunt but I made them get up and we eventually left. We started up the hill to where we have been seeing some nice gobblers and as soon as we stopped the truck to call, we saw a nice tom walking in the field full of fog.

I told Kayden “OK, get ready!” and we walked up the side of the mountain. He sat about 30 yards in front of me as I started to call and the gobbler started coming in.

It took about two minutes to get him close enough and Kayden took him down with two shots. We went up took a few pictures and I told him “well, let’s load this one and try one more place.” He was so excited to call his dad and grandmother we stopped in the last place we got cell service to call and tell everyone.

We got out of the truck when we heard another gobbler, so we get out of the truck and walked about 20 yards and Kayden had to sit down, ’cause that gobbler was already coming up to us after I hit my Sweet Talk call by Brenda Valentine and Commando Hunting Products. Suddenly he was five feet from Kayden and before I knew it Kayden shot him and it only took one shot. Kayden was done with his hunt to make it back to school in time, but as a proud mom I wanted some good pictures of him with his first New Mexico double! He was so excited to take his gobblers back to school to show them off to his friends! We had so much fun on this hunt, the only thing missing was that dad was out hunting with some of our hunters or it would have been a perfect day of hunting.

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