Nature and the Pursuit of Life: Family on the Water


I am out on the small lake behind our house with my two sons Hunter and River on a quiet Saturday morning. As the subdued props from the all-electric pontoon cut their way through the glassy water, I feel very at peace. I look at Hunter and he is laying there, just listening to the sounds of nature that surround us. River smiles at me and pushes his head into my chest showing his affection and love. As I look at my boys, I slowly lean my head back and think to myself, “life does not get much better than this.”

I then have a memory of being on the water in Lake Michigan with my dad, and he has this same look of contentment as he gazes at my brother Andy and I. I remember hearing the fishing line sing in the wind. Oh how I loved my fishing trips with dad. Few things were better than the feeling of butterflies in my stomach in the morning as I eagerly anticipated getting out on the water before every fishing trip with my dad.

I slowly move River onto the bench and toss my line out, and give it a little jerk action and bam, it’s on! First cast, and the boys jump up and Hunter says, “Daddy’s got a big one River, look!” I land the fish, toss him back after letting the boys touch him, and I set the rod down and say, “let’s just go for a little cruise around the lake and enjoy the morning on the water.” Hunter and River both look at me with a smile and then Hunter responds, “that sounds great dad. It is such a beautiful morning.”

I think to myself, “how freaking cool, my son gets it and he is only 4 years old!” What a journey we have ahead of us.

It doesn’t get much better than life on the water with family…

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