The prospect of going on and African safari might seem daunting to most people. The seemingly endless flights, the unfamiliar cultures and languages, the questionable plumbing, and, naturally, you can’t forget the large animals wandering around everywhere. But don’t let the lack of fencing and curious local attire (or lack thereof) keep you from one of the most incredible adventures on this planet.

The safari is, essentially, the original glamping experience. It wasn’t always a posh holiday activity, of course, but although the agenda may have changed (observation only, these days), the general framework of the accommodations and activities remains the same. Safaris are a way of introducing travellers to the wild aspects of nature, while preserving a level of comfort and luxury that will justify being miles from the beaten track. And (this is universally true with a safari) the best thing about being nowhere is that everywhere around you are utterly spectacular views.

Glamping Hub has a large selection of superb safari accommodations in Africa and South Africa, but these are our top three, based on luxury, amenities, and just sheer brilliance.

Surrounded by 65,000 miles of wildlife conservancy near the city of Nairobi, Kenya is the Lewa Safari Camp. A luxury safari accommodation to say the least, Lewa offers 12 thatched roof tents with full en suite washrooms, running water, and private verandas with stunning views to Mt. Kenya. Daytime guided game drives meander through a wildly beautiful landscape with endangered rhino and the largest Grevy’s zebra population in the world. Back at camp, the colorful gardens and refreshing pool are a perfect place to unwind.

Cottar’s Camp has been luring eager travellers to its refuge in the Masi Mara for
more than eighty years, and it has maintained its 1920’s ambiance. Cottar’s presents its visitors with the authentic safari experience. Impeccable service partnered with adventure, sophistication, and a good dose of old-fashioned romance. Crisp, white canvas tents are filled with original 1920’s antique safari furniture and are outfitted with en suite dressing rooms and washrooms.

The camp’s acclaim is founded on its vintage charm, its extraordinary wilderness guides and the virtually untouched terrain that surrounds it. Not even hot air balloons fly above. It’s just you, your guide, and the wondrous Masi Mara.

Our final top three pick is Marataba Safari Co. Nestled at the foot of the soaring Waterburg Mountains in South Africa, this glamping accommodation is simply breathtaking. It is the embodiment of a traditional safari, but with a curiously refreshing modern twist. And, of course, there is no lack of luxury. Their 15, tented suites are a masterpiece of stone and canvas, with en suite wash rooms, smooth wood flooring, and wonderful views both from the bed and the private deck. The abundant wildlife in the nearby Marakele National Park will capture your attention by day, and a crackling fire in the lodge will warm you in the evening before a delicious gourmet dinner.

An African safari might seem like an overwhelming vacation choice, but it doesn’t have to be! All you have to do is get there, and the rest is taken care of…and then some. These three fabulous locations are just the tip of the iceberg. There are safari options to fit almost any traveler’s holiday wish list.

Images courtesy Glamping Hub

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