It’s not every day that you get to watch a video of a belt-fed machine gun continuously firing 1,000 rounds of ammunition. This is probably because most single-barreled guns would have started experiencing some serious issues after a few hundred continuous rounds. Luckily for this shooter, his LM7 AR upper is chambered in .22 LR so things don’t get quite as toasty as they otherwise would have. Enjoy the video below!


Image is a screenshot from video by YouTube user Krink545

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8 thoughts on “Video: 1,000 Continuous Rounds Fired from a Belt-fed .22 LR Machine Gun

  1. Who’s the belt supplier ? Where is the current outlet located for this weapon ? If it’s close enough I will drive to pick it up.

  2. What a waste. We hunters can’t find .22s on the shelves these days, but machine gun guy blows off 1000 rounds just to make the noise. Yeah, I know, it’s all Obama’s fault right? Gimme a break!

    1. Did you buy the ammo he was shooting? Was it purchased with your tax dollars? No, so quit whining. It’s still a free country and if he wants to blow through $40-50 worth of .22lr that’s his prerogative. Go be a Fudd elsewhere.

  3. Pretty sick! 🙂

    No Obama would just have you register that and every other weapon in America. Then come after them soon after. First things that “look like” fully automatic weapons….not are..but look like. Then comes the high caliber weapons. Then comes the gun club only weapons dispensaries like Canada. Then they take them all.

    If they pass anything. Anything related to registry. Its the beginning of the end.
    DHLS is buying everything up it can. Guns light armored vehicles etc. Why would they need that? Seriously in a time of financial crisis why spend millions on ammo for “training” and armored “street sweeper” vehicles?

    Were being setup.

    NONE zero of all those things are trying to pass would have prevented what happened in Sandy Hook.

    You know what would have?

    How about a national registry for people on mental state altering drugs?

    EVERY single person who has been involved in a shooting that kills ..every single one. Has been on some kind of Dr. prescribed mental or mind altering drug. America does not have a gun problem. We have a medication problem. Americans are way over medicated and over prescribed Our kids are given ADD drugs at the drop of a hat.

    Wake up.

    Guns don’t kill people but people that have mental problems on drugs that have warning labels like “May cause mood swings and temperament disruption issues”.

    Why did gun violence go down after the repeal of the poorly named “assault weapons ban”? If you know a person may have a gun you are not going to use one!

    Case in point Chicago. They have some of the strongest gun control policies in this country. Guess what? They have the highest gun related violence in the country! Look at some of the more gun prolific areas in our country you see the lowest levels of crime and gun violence.

    We have a drug problem in this country not a gun problem.

  4. A very nice demonstration, I am glad, however, that I don’t have to pay for all that ammo. Maybe Blaser will kick in for the advertising. Technology is amazing, it reminds me of the .50 Browning I shot in Viet Nam.

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