I have received yet another response to my plea for women to write! I am always so grateful for the women that take the time to share their stories. I love to hear about a good hunt from a girls point of view, and especially this one! Lindsey Rice has chosen to share her story with me, and it is such a sweet story that I asked if she would share it with the world, and here it is! Thanks Lindsey! Keep us up to date on your new family’s outdoor adventures! –Becky Lou

My husband Luther and I met July of 2010, and we hit it off right from the start. I knew the first night that he was going to be my husband. Our first official date was when Luther picked me up at my fathers boat on the lake. We talked for hours. I told him I hunted and owned a bow and he had the biggest smile on his face. A friend of his later told me that Luther called the very next day and told her that I was a “keeper” because I owned a bow.  (Sounds kind of country but we love the country and outdoors so we’ll own up to it!) Within five months we were married., and we have a son named Ledger who just turned one year old. We plan to raise him like we were raised, with lots of hunting, fishing and simply enjoying the outdoors.

Technically my first gun was a BB gun, and I played with it all the time because I was a tomboy. I didn’t really get into hunting until I was in my early 20’s when my Dad gave me my first “real” gun, a savage 204. My father is the reason I have a passion to hunt and fish. He was with me when I shot my first buck, and I will always cherish that moment. I don’t think he could have been prouder of me. My husband and his father have always hunted and fished together, and they each own .30-06 rifles. My father and I both own savage rifles, which are more of a long range gun. My Dad stands behind our choice with a statement “one shot one kill”. It’s a standing joke between our families, and God forbid when someone misses a shot, we never hear the end of it!

After being married, we were fortunate to have the experience of going hunting in west Texas at the Texana Ranch for our honeymoon. We called it our “Huntingmoon”. The first day we got there it was too late for a hunt, so we enjoyed a lovely dinner by Mary Lou who was married to one of the owners of the ranch, Lexi Grigg. They did not normally cook for the people hunting but since we were on our honeymoon we got the royal treatment. The next morning we got up bright and early to hit the stand. My husband went hunting with me so we could video each other hunting. He is a gentlemen and decided to let me have the first shot. After we are settled into the stand, and just before dawn we can see out in the distance a few deer. We really couldn’t determine what they were and needed to wait until the sun came out. This was nerve-racking! The sun finally shed some light on the situation, and while we were looking at the deer already in sight, a monster buck comes walking out into the open.  I immediately knew he was the white tail for me! My husband turned on the recorder and I did my thing. I pulled up my Savage .257 improved Ackley and BOOM, the deer falls to his knees and then runs off. We could see that I had shot him a little high on his back shoulder, and as he was limping away, Luther says “Shoot him again! Shoot‘em!!”. I couldn’t get another clear shot without damaging his hide, so I sat there shaking as my husband continues to say “Shoot’em!”. This also was very nerve racking! The buck finally lays down, and my husband said “Oh you got him for sure, he’s yours!”.  I reach for my cell and call my Dad, so excited to tell him I had got one, but I had spoke too soon, as my dead buck ran off and disappeared! I was completely mortified. My husband and I spent all day looking for this buck with no luck. We found a blood trail and then it just stopped and he was no where to be found. I knew I had got him good, and Luther of coarse blames it on my gun.

Lindsey & Luther Rice with son Ledger

That night I went to bed and all I could think about was this huge buck, and was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to harvest the meat. I only shoot animals if I plan on eating them, and it would be such a waste.

The next day rolls around and my Dad, brother, and father-in-law, call me to lift my spirits, but I still felt horrible. Luther decides that we should go back and look for him one more time. So we packed up and set out on a mission to find my buck. We were in a truck that had some high seats in the very back. I sat in the high seats as Luther drove and we were both searching every inch of ground. Suddenly he decides to stop to take a look at some brush by the fence line where I had shot the deer. I’m standing on the dirt road to make sure the deer doesn’t come running out when I hear my husband yell, “I FOUND HIM!”. My heart sank, I ran over to the brush, and yes he had found my deer! He was surely the best one I’ve ever gotten, and probably ever will!

We continued to hunt, as we were allowed a total of six deer (three each), a buck, a cull, and doe. On the last day of the hunt, I had killed my limit and Luther had killed his cull buck and doe but still waiting on that special buck. I believe he was being choosy and

Luther Rice & his last hour buck!

trying to get a bigger and better deer than me. I had went out that last morning to sit in the stand and enjoy watching the wildlife. My stand was a little over 1/4 of a mile from where Luther was hunting. I turned to look as a big buck comes walking up to the stand.  I text Luther and told him that there was a nice buck at my stand. He hesitated for a second but decided to run down to my stand, after all, it was his last day, and may be his only chance to get a buck. As he gets to my stand he’s out of breath from running. He takes a second to get his breath and just when he looks through his scope, out walks an even bigger buck. His heart started pounding and his hands started shaking. This was the one he had been waiting for! He held up his gun and looked at the deer for a second and pulled his gun back down and said “Should I use your gun?”.  I just started giggling. He decided that he would never hear the end of it from the family, so he pulled up his own gun again and took the shot. The deer ran off but we could tell that it was a good shot. We went down to see if we could find a blood trail. Luther was shaking in his boots, but after ten minutes of looking I found the deer and boy was it a good one (I still say mine was a better buck)!

It was a very memorable hunting trip/honeymoon/hunting moon, and I have learned a few things during this trip as well. One is that I’ll never go hunting with my husband in the same stand again, and although it started out bad, it ended up very good. He had found my deer, and I found his! All’s well that ends well!

Images courtesy Lindsey Rice

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3 thoughts on “Lindsey Rice’s “Huntingmoon” Hunt

  1. Thank you so much for sharing our story. Sorry about the mix up of guns. Haha!! Just for the record it was a 357 improved Ackley I also put the wrong way to say 30-ot-6. I’m hoping that’s the correct way. Lol. I apologize. You are so very sweet to take your time to share this!! May God bless you! And thanks so much again!!

  2. This a very beautiful and true story. I am just the friend that Luther called as he was pulling into the drive to pick Lindsey up and she was in the yard practicing her bow and he says to me “I think I’m in love she shoots a bow” I knew my friend would fall for the hunters daughter. She is a beautiful girl and we are blessed that Lu was so fortunate to find her. She comes from an awesome family and is a great addition to him and his family and friends. I love the both and now they have a wonderful family of their own.

    1. You are to sweet Christi. LIke I have said before Im pretty dang lucky myself!! Luther is the one who carried us on this hunt!!! What an awesome husband to do this for his wife!! lol hahaha. jk jk. It really was MY idea that we go on this hunt. Its hard for some people to believe especially for some men but its true. He didn’t threaten me or anything. haha. No I love him and thank the Lord he had/has friends like you in his life!!

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