As luck would have it, there was plenty of pistol, rifle and rain yesterday for NRA’s Electronic Target event at the Original 1,000 yard benchrest club outside of Williamsport. We were even more lucky with the fact that our guests were shooting under cover and loving every second of it.

With targets set up at 25, 100, 200 and 600 yards, there were plenty of opportunities to try your rifle or pistol on the same shooting systems used during the 2012 London Olympic Games. Better yet, there was the challenge of wind and rain.

Not every shooter has the opportunity to try their firearm of choice during the rain. What’s more, you seldom see how well you performed as the targets are drenched (or ruined) due to the rain. Here, their ability to gauge the wind along with the elevation truly put their skills to the test.

So how’d it turn out? Pretty darn swell. There were about a dozen or so pistol scattered amongst the .308, .223 and M-1 Garands that made a showing. And given that we had shooters from as far north of New York and as far south as Virginia, I’d say it’s an event that demands another showing…at least next year.

Images courtesy NRAblog

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