If you ever thought you had it hard being a hunter as a full-time _____ (insert your job here) with children and a spouse, then consider how well Dr. Jamie Satterfield is handling these demands. Not only does he love to hunt, but he takes extra time doing it to film a hunting series, Savage Outdoors, that airs on Sportsman Channel.

Savage Outdoors features some of the most thrilling hunting ever caught on camera in North America. Satterfield, his son Jacob, and Mike Stroff are the three main hunters on camera throughout. Mike and the Satterfield men actually met while hunting in South Carolina and formed a long-lasting bond that has persisted ever since. Originally from a poor farm in rural north Georgia, Satterfield now works as a pediatric doctor, has two children of his own and feels that spending time in nature is a day spent closer to his creator.

Check out a clip of Savage Outdoors below and read the following interview with Dr. Satterfield to find out more.


Outdoor Hub: You’ve been hunting all over North America. What is one of your favorite locations you’ve hunted that you could go back to again and again?

Dr. Jamie Satterfield: My favorite location is Golden Triangle Whitetails in Clayton, Illinois. They’ve got monster bucks and it’s like home to me because of the guides and owner.

OH: What is the importance of a good dynamic between you and the buddies you’re hunting with?

DJS: Hunting camp is so special. There is a lot of “bull” in camp but everyone is sharing a common goal of getting to harvest that animal. Having a bad day hunting is quickly remedied by sharing a meal and stories over dinner and a campfire. And with the right people in camp it can make coming home without a harvest is a bit more palatable.

I enjoy sharing camp with anyone. It gives me a chance to witness and share with someone that you may never meet again.

OH: Can you speak about your children for a moment and your personal beliefs on getting children into the outdoors?

DJS: The outdoors has been a great bonding place for me and my children. It’s one-on-one time in the most beautiful places. To observe nature and share that and the experience is priceless. I once heard my son tell someone that he and I have seen more sun rises and sunsets than anyone! In moments like that you know the conversations, time and energy were all worth it.

OH: What are some great hunting tips you were taught at a young age that you still use today?

DJS: Be thankful to go hunting and enjoy! Still holds true today.

OH: How do you manage hunting and filming a TV show when you have a full time job as a practicing doctor?

DJS: Well, I never have a dull moment. My God-given gift is my ability to work with kids for sure. I am a full-time doctor and the medical director of our office. I also teach Residents and medical students. So my time is planned out way in advance and I have the best support group ever – with my family and our staff at the office. It can get a bit crazy, but my love for caring for kids and the outdoors makes it all worth it.

OH: Are there any outdoors events or conventions that you cannot miss during the year?

DJS: The NRA convention is very important for us to attend. I love going to SHOT Show. But, it’s the trade shows that are the greatest. I can’t attend all but would love to. You get to meet the people who watch the show and hear their stories!

Savage Outdoors airs on the Sportsman Channel Thursdays at 8:30 pm and 11:30 pm. Fridays at 6:30 am and Tuesdays at 9 am. All times EST.

Image courtesy Sportsman Channel

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