Editor’s note: Andy Weichers of Waterloo, Iowa, one of the hosts of Campfire Stories, a TV show on the Pursuit Channel, enjoys muzzleloading for deer and turkeys.

I frequently shoot the CVA Apex with the Bergara turkey barrel. This was my first year to have this barrel and my first year to blackpowder hunt for turkeys. Both my cameraman and I killed gobblers within 10 yards of our blind with this gun. We didn’t put any choke in the barrel, because we already had patterned it and knew that it shot really tight with No. 6 shot.

We were hunting with Trophy Deer Outfitters, and I was to be the first shooter. We had decoys out, and the area had a lot of wind. When the gobblers flew off the roost, they were several hundred yards away, and we only could hear a faint gobble. But we started calling and finally a gobbler came in, went right up to the decoys and started pecking them. Then he turned and walked off without facing us. I squeezed the trigger.

On the second hunt, we went into the woods to scout for whitetail stands for our September bowhunt. We heard a turkey gobble. We moved up to a field where we could video him strutting. The bird came across the river and walked up the hill to the pasture, where my cameraman was brushed up to an evergreen tree, and I was set up right behind him. That gobbler walked within 15 feet of us, and my cameraman took him. We took both birds on that hunt with the CVA Apex, and neither bird flopped much when we shot them.

When Dudley McGarity of Blackpowder Products, Inc. (BPI) asked me to try the company’s .45 caliber CVA muzzleloader, I was reluctant. I’d always hunted with a .50 caliber. When I started shooting the .45 caliber, I found it was very flat-shooting, the bullets mushroomed well, and I had very good results taking deer. The other thing I learned was that I could shoot a lighter load with the .45 caliber than I could with the .50 caliber, and it was much more accurate with .67 grains of powder by weight, not by volume. That powder pushed 200 grains of .45 caliber PowerBelt bullets. I also used Buckhorn Powder CCI caps. My wife Amanda could take deer easily at 100 to 150 yards with this gun.

Check back tomorrow to read more about hunting with the CVA .45 caliber muzzleloader!

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Images courtesy John Phillips/CVA

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