Hunting is simply a natural activity for 25-year-old Lauren Rich, host of Sportsman Channel’s Destination Whitetail. She was raised on hunting and now makes her family proud as the host of the hit series that “investigates the people, places and ways to hunt whitetail throughout North America,” as described on Sportsman Channel.

“Each state, county and landowner all have their own way to harvest whitetail. Along the way, we take a look behind the scenes with some of the outdoor industry’s most prolific personalities and how whitetail have contributed to their success.”

Rich is a native of Alabama who graduated from Auburn University in 2008. She currently lives in Destin, Florida where she exercises her love for the outdoors on unfamiliar terrain. Long accustomed to the woods, she has progressed to lakes and now saltwater. She admits that she seemingly lives the life of a tourist in the area of South Walton, Florida, but catching redfish at the beach, going to outdoor concerts, culinary events and festivals are too much fun to say no to. Read the Q&A below to find out more about her show, Destination Whitetail, which firearms she favors and her new favorite place to hunt.

Outdoor Hub: What plans do you have for this year’s hunting season?

Lauren Rich: We have been in “full steam ahead” mode filming season two of Destination Whitetail. I am just so excited that we are able to have a second season and thankful the sponsors and viewers love what we are doing. We will continue filming until February when the last seasons expire. I have hunted in Wisconsin so far and am planning on hunting here in the south as well as out west.

OH: Is making a hunting show as easy as you make it look?

LR: If you’re not having fun making a hunting show then you are not in the right business! When I film, we usually start off the day by reviewing a short script for some main key notes I should mention. I’m told just to be myself… there is lots of material for bloopers! However, when a wild animal is the main star, things do not always go as planned and you have to be prepared for that.

It’s a little weird to have a camera in your face while trying to overcome buck fever. My nerves get the best of me sometimes but I think that’s what makes it good for TV.

OH: What is your coolest whitetail story? Were you able to capture it on film?

LR: My best whitetail story is from when I was in Wisconsin! From the moment I stepped foot in the state I just knew the deer would be massive compared to Alabama whitetails. Most of Wisconsin was chock-full of corn crops, soy beans and oak forests. From the start of the trip to the last sunset, I was in astonishment at the size of deer. After three days of both morning and afternoon hunts I shot my first Wisconsin buck. You will see what I’m talking about if you tune into season two of Destination Whitetail.

OH: What is your preferred method of takedown?

LR: I currently have a 7mm-08 that treats me right. I have not used a bow out hunting yet because I am right-handed but left-eye dominant. But I am warming up my left bicep and trying different set ups so I can get proficient and confident enough for next season.

My friends bow fish quite a bit in Apalachicola Bay so I need to get the hang of it for sure. Using a bow is more intimate way of hunting, I think. Plus, I hear it’s quite a rush!

OH: Had you ever hosted a TV show before Destination Whitetail?

LH: Yes, I also was host for the Emerald Coast Tourist Development TV show called EC TV promoting tourism to the area. Destination Whitetail is unique in that it does not have any limitations. All we care about is whitetail and want to explore all the many places, people and ways to hunt deer.

Catch Lauren’s show on Sportsman Channel Wednesdays at 8:30 pm , 11:30 pm EST and Fridays at 2:30 pm.

Image courtesy of Sportsman Channel

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  1. To Lauren Rich: Just curious, you just killed this deer and as you were holding up it’s dead face for a photo shoot, did you feel proud or did you feel like you just murdered an innocent animal?

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