Flyfishing is a passion that I have had since I was about 10 years old when I first watched A River Runs Through It.  I begged my father to take me to the local sporting goods store and buy my first rod and reel. And as many of us know, that was just the beginning of a slippery slope of constantly gearing up for trips and different waters; saltwater, fresh, streams, lakes, and different fish; trout, bass, and really anything else that swims and has gills. There are so many options out there, but here are a few things that I feel are a necessity for fly fishing and these are all products that I have and use constantly, so buy in confidence.

Diablo Paddlesports Adios Kayak/Stand-up Paddleboard ($1,499)

If someone told you that you could have your own personal craft that you can stand up on and sight fish, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? Diablo Paddlesports’ Adios provides just such an opportunity that a fly fishing angler should not pass up. The Tri-Hull design allows for you to get in to shallow water and allows for greater stability. With its forward 13”x 24” dry storage box and the two rear 6” dry access hatches, you are able to get though some pretty rough waters and keep your gear dry. The hull is made from fhermoformed ABS, which makes it incredibly durable and easy to repair. With its overall length of 12.5’ and width of 36”, you have a large platform to perform your magic off of for a base price of $1,499. Don’t forget to check out the Fly Deck to keep your line from getting tangled.

JP Ross Fly Rods Beaver Meadow ($199.99+)

I know as Americans we think bigger is always better, but that’s not the case when it comes to fly fishing small stream. JP Ross Fly Rods has the answer to that in their Beaver Meadow 5’ 2wt on up to the 7’ 4wt. Designed with the small stream and creek in mind, their light touch and action allows them to get into those tight spaces where roll casting is key. The base price starts at $199.99 and then as you customize the rod with feather inlays, custom butt caps and eyelet the price goes up from there. But those are purely the icing on the cake. The rods are truly amazing in small wooded creeks or high country meadows.

Norvise Rotary Vise, Lamp Magnifier, and Auto-Bobbin Bundle ($395)

There are few times I have had the WOW moment in my tying, but one of them came with the Norvise Rotary Vise and Auto-Bobbin set that I received recently (as an early Christmas gift, nonetheless). The vise itself turns on a single axis allowing the tier to spin hair or dubbing effortlessly without the vise moving all over the place at weird angles. From #3/0 hooks on down to the #24 you have a jaw for it that is easily interchangeable. The other part of the kit is the highly under rated sleek Auto-Bobbin set that will auto retract with if you pull out too much thread or if you are tying a whip finish on your fly. The Lamp Magnifier attaches to the thread post and provides excellent light and vision. The bundle comes with the Rotary Vise, Thread Post, Auto-Bobbin, four bobbin spools and spool loader for $395 a savings of $60.

Topo Designs Accessory Bags ($13+)

Everyone has gear too big for your pocket or too small for your pack and too valuable to just throw anywhere. The solution is the Topo Design Accessory Bags. With three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large, you will be able to hold anything from your iPad, Kindle, USB cables, wallet, money, Dopp kit or makeup bag for you ladies. Constructed of 1000d Cordura fabric with coated pack cloth and YKK zippers, they are durable and robust. Ranging in price from $13 to $17 or all three sizes for $39, they are a steal of a deal to keep you organized and together whether you are at home or on the trail.

Recycled Waders Streamlined Messenger Creel ($75)

Ever wonder what happens to your old waders when you send them back to the factory to get repaired and you get a new pair instead? Well, chances are they are turned into amazing bags, wallets, creels or koozies over at Recycled Waders in Seattle, Washington. Recycled Waders has brought to life our old Patagonia, Simms, and other waders through some smart design, making products like the new Streamlined Messenger Creel. With its 14”W x 10”H x 8”D dimensions, you are able to hold a laptop, books, fly box, extra reels, wallet, and a jacket or two everywhere you go. Eco-Friendly married Style and had Function with the Streamlined Messenger Creel, all for $75. Check ’em out.

Howler Brothers Aransas Shirt ($65)

The Aransas Shirt is more than just a simple shirt. With its quick drying poly-cotton fabric the rain, wind, ocean spray, or water are no match for it, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable all day long. Constructed with a vented back for comfort on those long hot days in the sun and Howler’s original sunglass cleaning pocket on the left chest for keeping your vision crisp and clean. Style-wise, Howler Brothers has used contrasting stitching to make the seams and you look good, whether you are on the water or out for a night on the town. Available in Foursquare Plaid, Firehole, and Dolphin Blue Microcheck.

Nature Boy Designs Tail Wrapped Cap ($24)

We all have “that hat”–your go-to fly hat that has seen rivers, streams, oceans, and everywhere else a fish swims. And more often than not, you have found yourself sticking flies into the front as you switch flies and let your used ones dry. Nature Boy Designs has come up with a great and good looking solution in the Tail Wrapped Trucker style hat, they have sewn in a foam “tail” to the front. No longer are you fighting to get your favorite wooly bugger or zebra midge out of your hat, you simply pull them out and get on with your day. With their Green/Gold or Green/White patterns, you definitely have a choice of a killer addition to your fishing hat stable. Hats are $24.

Clear Cure Goo Fly Tying Clear Cure Goo Kit ($49.99)

As an avid fly tier, I see the importance of  having quality products that will help your tying process and not hurt them, so when I was introduced to Clear Cure Goo’s LED drying process I was impressed.  The kit includes one LED light, one 10ml syringe of Clear Cure Goo Thick , one 10ml syringe of Clear Cure Goo Thin, and two application tips. It is pretty simple–apply the product to a fly and then zap it with the light for seven to 10 seconds and you have a dried head, body or whatever else. No more spending 30 to 40 minutes waiting while your flies dry or using rotators that you have to keep spinning. Just apply and light it up. Simple, easy, and little mess with their calking gun style application, no brushes or pick neede.  It’s a great starting point and one that will surely be a great gift for $49.99.

Loon Outdoors Stream Side Kit ($71)

Everyone likes kits and packages and I am not different, having everything you need right when you need it is great. Loon Outdoors has brought it all together in the Streamside Kit. They have put together their most popular products and offered them at a steal of a deal–$71. The kit includes their Aquel Premium Gel Floatant, Bottoms Up Caddy, Top Ride-dry fly floatant and drier, BioStrike-putty indicator, UV Wader Repair, Stream Line- fly line cleaner and conditioner, Deep Soft Weight, Retractable Zipper, nippers, and forceps. That is a lot of product that will keep you going no matter what the day hold.

The Fiberglass Manifesto Comrade T-Shirt ($20-24)

Fly fishing for many of us is a lifestyle and not just a hobby, from wearing our favorite fly-covered hats to the grocery store to reading fishing blogs all day at work. Fly nuts are who we are, and The Fiberglass Manifesto (TFM) is not helping our mental stability. For those legions of us who are dedicated fiberglass rod junkies, Cameron over at the TFM has enlightened us to so many different custom rod builders, apparel, boats, and products. The Fiberglass Manifesto also has some awesome apparel of his own in the Comrade t-shirts and hats. For those who are in the clan and brotherhood of fiberglass rods or really just those who are passionate about fishing, we can identify with the fist and fly rod. What better way to show your solidarity with the sport than with the Comrade t-shirt? Long sleeves are $24 and short sleeves are $20.

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