It is early in the morning, the sky is clear, and it is still dark as I lay on the couch at Pon Valley staring out the window into the treeline above the pond. When I do my deeper thinking, or any visualization work in sync with nature, I find that more comes to me and there is greater meaning and clarity as there is an undeniable metaphysical connection between nature and all aspects of thought, of life.

I think of how even Albert Einstein made note of a deep tie between nature and the evolution of our beliefs and energy and how they tie to the unknown. I’m thinking about another angle on E=mc2, and how so many years later this breakthrough discovery is proven time and time again in positive ways by amazing people that actualize their massive visions, despite the critics, above the noise, and against the odds. When you have a clear vision regardless of its size, if you are willing to have the conviction to hold a relentless commitment and belief that you will become that vision with all of your committed energy, it shall be created. It is within this realm that you are truly living out the best side of E=mc2! Energy truly is matter after all, and this should inspire us all to know that anything is possible, yet challenge us to think on this.

How do you feel about the energy you put out into the world?

As the sky begins to lighten I think of inspiring people that have proven this way of looking at E=mc2 and have left the world a better place because of their commitment to this.

Abraham Lincoln and his vision and relentless pursuit of abolishing slavery in the United States, which made the world such a better place and brought peace to our country. He had a vision and he made that vision a reality despite the odds. Whether through his dreams or in the moment of big conversations, Lincoln was always affected by nature.

Rudolph Steiner and his studies in Theosophy and breakthrough discoveries with Anthroposophy, which still live on today and teach a more connected universal way of life throughout the Steiner schools and designated study groups around the globe. Paramount to Steiner’s success is nature, as it serves as core to his principles.

I think of how right here in Detroit we have many people that prove this interpretation of E=mc2 and today I think of Detroit’s very own Dan Gilbert. He has created and actualized massive visions time and time again, he seems to operate at another level by demonstrating an uncanny ability to contain the noise, contain the mind, and then move with force, precision, gut, and a limitless thought process. Whether it’s building the world’s largest and most successful mortgage company in Quicken Loans, revitalizing whole areas or districts in Cleveland, creating Gaming and Entertainment, or sparking the Detroit economy with his Detroit Venture Partners fund that he, Josh Linkner, and Brian Hermelin created, he continues to generate visions and then puts forth incredible levels of energy into realizing them with an unwavering belief in his vision! It seems that Gilbert almost becomes that vision.

Gilbert had a vision for Downtown Detroit that is beyond what most anyone fully grasps. Against all odds and despite the noisy media his vision is being created and his energy is connecting with many 20-somethings moving downtown, start-up companies, established businesses, and even retail is now being realized. When we become our ideas and if we have clear enough vision and deep enough belief, it shall be created! Energy is matter and this Detroit vision is happening. It excites me to know that my kids will enjoy a downtown that they can be proud of on a national level, as this Gilbert energy, this Gilbert vision, and Gilbert belief is coming true!

The sun is up now and the day is breathtaking, and its clarity makes me think that those who become the absolute best at turning their vision into reality know how to move their minds out of the way and allow a fearless state of creation to take place. It is within nature that I seek the strength, the clarity, and the will to someday operate at these extreme altitudes. That is a tree stand far higher than I have climbed into yet, but at a young 41 years of age I still have plenty of time I suppose!

Image by David Farbman

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10 thoughts on “Nature and the Pursuit of Life: Making Your Vision a Reality

  1. Lincoln was pretty cool. He did some big things. Dont know Dan Gilbert other then from the press but sounds like a pretty amazing guy. Nice blog Farbz.

  2. I feel very good about the energy that I put out into the universe, but I wasn’t always this way. It’s people like yourself that inspire me to try to live in the moment. Good post, D. Pon Valley is definitely a sanctuary. There is something magical about that place.

  3. Lincoln’s vision and energy was focused on preserving the union and protecting democracy first and foremost. In order to fulfill his vision he concluded that abolishing slavery was necessary to realize the former. He was very wise in coming to that
    realization and therein lies how he tapped into a powerful source of energy
    beyond himself.

    1. Good observations JB! I think i may have missed the mark for a lot of the audience on this but hey stream of consciousness baby, got to roll with it! Back to harder core nature next week maybe:)…

  4. man, how manty times i have lived this one through is countless. we need to visualize what we are after and then we can achive it. i like this

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