You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate the talent that goes into every stroke of the brush used to create the elegant works showcased at the 2013 Dallas Safari Club convention and expo.

The event was held in Dallas Jan. 3-6, attracting artists—and art buyers—from around the world. Here’s a tiny sample of what they, along with more than 40,000 hunters who also attended the show, enjoyed.

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Tlou Ledimo by John Banovich. Medium: Oil on Belgium linen. Price: $5,800. Website:

Hot Lions by Simon Combes. Medium: Original oil. Price: $48,000. Website: or

Sable Antelope by Ezra Tucker. Medium: Acrylic on board. Price: $10,000. Website:

Titan II by Guy Combes. Medium: Original oil. Price: $5,000. Website: or

Chaos by Jan Martin McGuire. Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Price: $68,000. Website:

Real and Imagined by Margaret Gradwell. Medium: Acrylic. Price: $15,000. Website:

The Apprenticeship by David Langmead. Medium: Original oil. Price: $45,000. Website:

Intense Encounter by James Gary Hines II. Medium: Digital archival ink photograph. Price: $795. Website:

Heart of a Lioness by Sherry Steele, DSC Artist of the Year 2013. Medium: Giclee. Price: $550. Website:

Hogwash by James Stroud. Medium: Oil on board. Price: $13,500. Website:

Standing Guard by Peter Stewart. Medium: Oil. Price: $10,500. Website:

Final Moments by John Seerey-Lester. Medium: Oil on canvas. Price: $46,000. Website:

All images copyright original artists

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