2013 SHOT Show Day One Wrap-up


The first day of SHOT Show is manic, with tens of thousands of people wheeling and dealing over a massive trade show floor smothered in all things hunting, shooting, and tactical. I spent my day covering as much of the latest and greatest as I could—check out some of the new guns and gear (in no particular order) below!


This year will mark Magpul’s formal entry into the AK accessory market. The first product they’ll be offering is a MOE AK pistol grip. It looks and feels great. The tactical trailblazers were also touting a Mossberg mounting their MOE shotgun forend and buttstock. GenM3 PMAGs were also everywhere, of course.

The new Magpul MOE AK pistol grip.
A Mossberg shotgun mounting new Magpul furniture.
An AR at the Magpul booth with a Gen M3 PMAG.

Oh yeah, and they had a minigunvan.

The Magpul Minigunvan.


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the deployment of the M-16, Colt will soon be distributing a retro AR-15 that channels the aesthetics and features of the early models.

The retro Colt AR-15.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson will be expanding their successful M&P AR line with the .308-chambered M&P10. Both the “law enforcement” and “sporter” versions I handled had 18″ barrels and ambidextrous controls. The LE variant featured a standard collapsible stock and flash suppressor, the sporter a non-folding Magpul MOE rifle buttstock and camo. Both M&P10s accepted a variety of .308 mags. They were also displaying some refined 1911s and M&P Pro CORE pistols. The modular optic options on the latter were very cool.

The S&W M&P10 “law enforcement” variant.
Close up shot on the S&W M&P10 “sporter” model.
A S&W M1911.
One of the S&W M&P Pro CORE pistols.


K-Var has just recently revealed the new Arsenal SAM7 family of rifles and pistols: 7.62x39mm AKs built on hot-hammer forged Bulgarian milled receiver blanks at an absurdly affordable price for a milled receiver-gun ($1,199 for the SAM7K pistol and $1,279 for the SAM7R rifle). The superior quality of these AKs is plain to see and feel when you pick them up. I also got a quick peek at a very unique item—the MTK90 Silver Jubilee 35th Anniversary of the AK-74/90th Birthday of Mikhail Kalashnikov commemorative rifle. There were only 400 of the Silver edition made, and each carries Kalashnikov’s signature. Time to start saving!

Two of the SAM7 series guns—the SAM7K above and a SAM7R below.
Close up shot on an Arsenal SAM7.
The MTK90 Silver Jubilee Edition.


Remington’s new Model 783 has received a lot of attention following its announcement, and having had the chance to handle one I can see why. The action is smooth and the whole package is impressive. They also had a beautiful Model 1100 50th Anniversary up.

The Remington Model 783.
The Remington Model 1100 50th Anniversary shotgun.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)

In all my excitement shooting the Tavor at Media Day yesterday, I forgot to check out the Uzis at the IWI booth on the firing line! Luckily they had a bunch on the show floor, and they’re just as awesome as their bullpup brethren. The image of the Tavor embedded below sports an 18″ barrel and an obvious array of tactical accessories. Combined with the 4x scope, it’ll make an accurate, well-balanced rifle.

An IWI Uzi.
An IWI Tavor SAR with an 18″ barrel.

FAB Defense

Several companies have been offering “survival” AR buttstocks recently, and one that FAB Defense is offering is their GL-MAG. It lives up to the same high standard set by other FAB products. Another innovative item is their buttstock with an integral monopod, which they had mounted on an AK. Combined with a bipod, it provided a very stable shooting platform.

FAB GL-MAG buttstock.
FAB buttstock with integral monopod.


As usual, Barrett brought out their big guns this year, but they also brought something a bit smaller—a couple of samples of their REC7 AR platform. The SBR variant was a particularly handy carbine.

Barrett M1071A1 with QDL Suppressor.
A Barrett REC7 carbine.

That’s all I’ve got time to write about for tonight! Check our SHOT page for updates as the show goes on, and read my Media Day wrap-up for more gun goodness!

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